Monday, August 9, 2010


Since the inaugural MFC tournament back in 2006 only one player has achieved the sought after and extremely fickle three tournament wins in three weeks. There have been a few back to back wins which triggered a landslide of attention, but with the exception of one, all of these attempts have landed wide of their target. The only successful run was made by the author of this post. As it is my style, I will now address the reader directly concerning this record/fact. When I completed the coveted threepete, there was little fanfare as we were a young organization and could not have understood how momentous an occasion we were taking part in. I can say from my perspective that my threepete was made possible by the slow working out of fair handicaps. At that time I was just beginning to find a stroke as I had only played this game for less than a year and was only just starting to take it seriously. My handicap at the beginning of the run was +4 and worked down to +2 for the third game. I was playing much more inconsistently and happened to find my stroke for three weeks. I think my third win was with a -5 (-7 handicapped), and looking back I think that win was huge for my bourgeoning game. I do recognize that the circumstances surrounding handicaps allowed for my threepete. The only way to achieve this feat of strength and stamina is to play three rounds in a row with better and better results as you go. With players in the low handicaps (-6/-7), this becomes a daunting task. Can someone throw in the middle to high double digits three weeks in a row? Circumstances will always come into play. Last week I won with a -5 (-2 handicapped). No one played a stellar game, and what I look at as a decent round took the match. If there had been 15 players, I would never have stood a chance. I remember both Davey and Nate Dog going for the third and having huge turnouts that can easily drown out a decent round and require your absolute best. I consider myself lucky for the first. I scored a -10 (-7 handicapped) this sunday and had no real challenge from the field. This was my second double digit win within a month and I know my handicap will reflect it. Now, unlike the first time, I will have to work through a much tougher handicap and hopefully a much larger turnout to achieve the unachievable again. I look forward to all challengers next sunday as I will be playing my best and will put any skepticism to rest as to the circumstances of the allusive THREEPETE.


  1. Is that all it takes Daddy or is that the size of Daddy's little weenie? Congrats Rye Bread and Jimmy (and myself) for shooting 10 down. I must say JimJim was well on his way to shooting record conditions (what's your record Jimmy?) if it wasn't for a knome here and there. Can someone post the scores?


  2. I was hoping someone was going to write up the round and do the scores. This was just a thesis on threepeteing.

  3. Boy, there must have been some real wild action on the Nate, Jeremy, Dave, Jim and Brady card. It is hard enough dealing with the gnomes of the Mendocino course. Now we have to contend with the undocumented "knomes" haunting our rounds. When will we be free from these fantastical creatures and have control over our final scores?

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