Monday, August 30, 2010

Erin the Hemulous Hemulie and G Roney Monie!

A pretournament tournament was held in Booneville, California at the one and only Anderson Valley Brewery Company, the home of Poleeko Gold Pale Ale and Summer Solstic Cerveza Crema (in a can). The Trees Group (or Resinators) consisted of: Mr. Intermediate DMoney, Oscar's Daddy, Mr. Epic, GRoney, and ArvinJulius. The Queens or "The Kid and Dog Group" consisted of: moi the dentist, Big Arm Hemmings, Mr. Dizzle, Chenzo (my girlfriend drives a Vespa and works at a this Italy or Fort Bragg?).

As the title of this post reveals the day belonged to Big Arm and Roney. HemHaw shot an impressive -7 (even with his handicap) and GMoney shot an also impressive -3 (even with his handicap). The playoff saw both contestants birdie hole 3 (the orginal hole 1) in impressive fashion. GMoney parked it 20 feet out and HemHaw hit a big 40 foot putt (how far was the putt Heminngs?). Which brings us to hole 4 (the original hole 2). GMoney shoots first and in an unlikely turn of events he attempts to hyzer it around that pesky tree but low and behold Rex, who was sleeping in the tree, grabbed G's disc and held it up in the tree resulting in an unfortunate 4. Hemmings throws his putter straight at it but at this point Rex was down from the tree and knocked HemHaw's disc right into the tree. Hemmings lays up and pars out and wins the pretournament tournament.

Other News:
Rex...opps I mean Rye Bread challenges the dentist to a bagtag challenge unfortunately Rye Bread has been eating too much candy on his recent trip back East and ends up on his back in the dental chair. The Dentist shoots 3 under and Bread shoots 3 or 4 over.

Can someone post the rest of the scores?

Lets get the party started...I will see y'all next weekend at the BeerFling! P.S. Does anyone have an oversized (big) tent that I can fit my airmattress in?




  1. Everyone go to the blog webpage and read my clever little recap/posting.


  2. Nice Write up. Dental chair indeed...
    It should be added that AJ topped of the basket while driving hole 11. Nearly an awesome ace. Also somebody snagged Lindsey's brand new BPA-free Nalgeen 1 liter water bottle(Red with Polka Dots) of the hole four picnic table, Jeremy?

  3. Found your Firebird. It was pin high in the nook about chest high, dangling on a branch with a birdie look.

  4. Cool Deal Rye. I need that FB as my Boonville spare. Tough break on the missed bird.