Sunday, February 19, 2012


First off i want to send out some thank yous i prob should of announced at the tourney:

Huge thank you to A.J Buhl who once again outdid himself by raising 1000 bucks worth of stuff for our raffle and ring of fire plus all the little perks in the prize packs for the winners. He also was on the registrations and scorecard tallying. he was working hard the whole time. please take a moment to thank him personally.

Also the Brodys (as we affectionately refer to them by) drove all the way from Washington state to help out. they too were all over the registration and scorecard tallying and thank god they were cause i would of messed it up fast. i would hate to think of trying to handle any of it without their support.

thanks to Erin for handling the flag rentals and the scorecards they were awesome as usual. Matthew and Kara and Rebecca for the lunch. thanks to Chris and Jen V for all the constant support through the whole last month.big thanks to Dennis and hawk and whip and Levi and every one who helped with the tee pads and all the work that went into the course. thanks to Dylan letsinger who sold raffle tix and handled that whole area that raised a amazing 715 dollars. thanks to Jim for setting up signs in the morning to help keep everything smooth on the course

Now I have one huge apology to Anna Caudle who really took third in womens , due to a score keeping error on our part she was not awarded her prize at the tournament. luckily she was able to get it before the night was out

soooo many people were very supportive the whole time and did everything they could to help out. i know i am forgetting to mention people who helped and i hope they will forgive me.

allright time for the big news!!!
we had 84 players and
we raised 2500 dollars in proceeds!!!!!

715 from raffle
80 from ring of fire
bout 155 from disc sales
and the rest from registrations

i believe there is a clause in the rules of running a icebowl that states that a club can keep a small percentage for course improvement. so im hoping i might be able to get some funds for a practice basket out at the course. im not 100 percent on this but i have sent a email looking into it. i think the disc golf community out here deserves it after all the help and good vibes at the tourney

Erin Hemmings 97
Derrick Robbings 103
Davey Stein 106
Jim Eldridge 112
Bob R 112
G 113
Brett B 113
shane D 113
jason clapp and Casey O 116
Dallas Allbright 118
Jeremy 119
Randy I 126

Matt F 108
Matthew s 109
Jesse a 112
Elec p 116
Nez 117
Danny s 118
A.J Buhl 118
Dennis H 119
Chris C 119
Vince 120
Bryan B 122
George 122
Charlie 125

Josh H 110
Hawk S 113
JJ 113
SAm 116
Corbin 118
Jason w 118
Wip 121
Dave M 121
Jimmy S 123
Jeremy H 124
Craig s 128
Chris v 132
surf shop chris 130
Patrick 132
Ogre 132
Kyle 133
Dylan 134
Eric Garcia 140
John l 146
tyler dnf
Shannon dnf
greg j ?? couldnt find scorecard

Josh L 121
Grant 123
Levi F 126
Levi 133
Cody 136
Jesse H 137
Brian C 137
Alex V 144
Johnny C 144
Forrest 144
John F 144
Carlos 145
Dan W 148
Kevin B 158
Caesar 158
Tom 163
LN 165
Bob R 166
Sergio 166
Tim M 174
Joe h Couldnt find scorecard
Jesse f cfs
miles cfs
brian f cfs

Lindsey 134
Jody P 140
Anna C 145
Natalie 146
Tammy k 154
Rose 160
Brittany 176
Franny, Bronwyn,Ilana, Shelly, decided to play one round


  1. Thank you D-Roc, great tourney, great turn out, and great folks. Can't wait till next time!

  2. Thanks Derrick and all that put on an awesome tourney. All of us Good Ol' Lake Couny crew had a blast. Looking forward to next year. I really enjoyed playing with the ladies. Great job on all the fundage you raised. I hear you got a new B-B-Q out of the deal as well :-) looking forward to seeing you and Jody at the next tourney.

  3. A huge thank you to DIRKA for running an AWESOME Tourney/Ice Bowl! The good vibes, the turnout, and an overall Awesome tournament is a testament to you buddy! Also, nice deserved 2nd place and the patch. The MCFC and the Coast is lucky to have you.

    davey d

  4. A big THANK YOU to Derrick for making it all happen! Everybody had a blast and then some. We need more tourneys like this on the coast. I was a little confused about the Coast Cup status of this event, however. Nothing was mentioned during announcements. Do we have updated standings?

    - Wip

  5. I am searching my rattled Braun and house looking for the scorecards to last thursdays scorecards. So we can update the fort Bragg handis. They will be used in calculating the handis for the coast cup.

    Thanks everyone for the love. It really was a group effort so be sure to try and thank everyone who helped out.

    I forgot to thank Lindsey for the help handing out players packs. And ogre and rusty and roy for the help with moving brush piles and burning

  6. i got a less than favorable response to keeping any of the money for the course( i could of swore i read that you could keep a small percentage somewhere) so all 2500 has been donated to the food bank, she was so happy i got a hug.

  7. Maybe you should have rattled chain! I was waiting for updated FB handi's so I could calculate Coast Cup points. Will do 2nite or tomorrow.