Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coast Cup Update!

The point totals for the first two legs of the first annual Coast Cup have been posted. Click under the MCFC Coast Cup heading above for the updated results. You will also see the results of the Boontown throwdown pictured there. Keep in mind that we have two legs left (Fort Bragg, Mendocino) and that the final points will be calculated using the best three scores of the four rounds. Good luck everyone!

In other news, 16 folks played in the Sunday tourney on A course- Greg took home the top finish by shooting -9, Jim came in second with a -12, and Wip came in third.

Also, Jeremy announced that there will be full moon frolf tonight at FB.



  1. PostWeather,

    Thanks for the write up and posting the Coast Cup scores. Don't I get at least 10 points for the effort I put into the Dark N' Weather (KOL=Kidding Out Loud) and being there in spirit? Correction on Sunday--I think Wip took 3rd place. Wip, is that correct? Also, can someone post a picture of the G Man? (not to be confused with the Super Bowl Champions "The G Men")!


  2. Thanks Matthew. I'm pretty sure it was Wip.
    How about that super bowl. It had sarah on the edge of her seat.
    The ol' "let 'em score play" almost worked. whew!

  3. Can someone (Hemmies? Park?) post a pic of Greg? Also, who put the numbers on the bag tags on the blog? What do people think? I don't like it because it feels like people are locked into those numbers. Happy Discing.


  4. Passed on tournament yesterday and blew my little son's mind. Updates? Who won?
    see ya

  5. Chris V shoots the round of his life and wins, Hemmies shoots an Awesome -10 and gets 2nd place, Jimbo Aces=$100, Vinny played pretty well, and everyone else shit on themselves. Rye, OK I will bite...how did you blow Oscie's mind?

    P.S. Ice Bowl next weekend!


  6. Does anyone have a picture of Chris V. to put up on the blog?


  7. Tide Pools followed by discing all over the yard, hot dogs and finally Adelle at the Grammy's.

  8. Adelle? Grammy's? How main stream of you...and your making fun of me for watching Glee? Opps, I can't believe I just admitted that in front of the whole world. Tide Pools=Awesome! Discing all over the yard=double Awesome!