Sunday, February 26, 2012

Registration Sunday!

The weekly Sunday tourney was held today at the Mendocino High School under sunny, cool and (not surprisingly) windy conditions today. The tourney started slowly, with members registering for the club and receiving sweet MCFC logo discs (think AC/DC) prepared by Erin and David, awesome handmade leather bag tags provided by Jason, and a speech about continuing to respect the club's no smoking and drinking policy at the Mendo course by me. The masses really appreciated the discs and bag tags. Once all the preparations were finally completed, and everyone was close to hypothermic, the 23(!) players assembled went out a played a round of...disc golf! After all the dust settled, discs blown out of baskets counted, and the scores tallied, the red hot Matt F, fresh off his win at the Ice bowl and second place finish last Sunday, walked away with a pocketful of money by shooting a -8, 5 strokes below his handi. Craig took second and was one of the few players to shoot under par. Erin shot a -9 for the best round, the #1 tag, and a pat on the back. Last (but not least) Jeremy aced hole 15, in one of the most quietly celebrated ace's in MCFC history! It was Linsanity! He threw it right Lin to the basket! I guess we all just expect the ace's from him at this point. In keeping with the MCFC blog tradition, I must make reference to my round: I did not repeat as tourney winner (though my name IS Matt) and through sheer will and determination somehow still managed to pull off a a +3, despite birdying 7 holes. That takes serious effort, my friends! Thanks to all who came, joined the club, and gave their money to Matt (not me) and Craig. See you all on the course (for a bag tag challenge!)


  1. Thanks ParkCity for the write up and bringing the clip board with the new member sign up sheet and making the announcements.


  2. Hey-
    Does anybody know hawks step-step father in laws name? He came to Ice Bowl and took a bunch of photos and I want em' for the blog.