Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Record...I think.

For goodness sakes will someone put a picture of Erin Hemmings on the blog?  The dude broke the C course record and shot -10 on a half dry/half rainy C course round on Sunday 4/7/13. 

Aftermath = House (who shot an impressive even round) and Hems tied for handicap round and played a 4 hole playoff only to see Hemmies win it on hole 9 A course.  The hole before this (A course hole 8) House threw a turn over shot that Schmanged out of the chains.  Parks, Tups, myself, Hems, and House heard this wonderous noise and ran up to the basket only to see the disc NOT in the basket but laying right next to it.  Nice shot House!

P.S. The week before = B course doubles round...Tups and Davey D took down Parkweather and Baseball Jessi.  I forgot the exact scores??    


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  1. Come on now...did y'all not here me? COURSE RECORD people...can someone post a pic of the man they call Hemmies? I would but I don't have a pic of Hems...Linzanator, hook it up girl.