Monday, April 15, 2013

Bruce Springsteen, monkey off backs, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott

I would like to personally thank Bruce Springsteen, the monkey that jumped off my back, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott for my win on Sunday April 14, 2013.  Bruce Springsteen?  Why you may ask...It appears that anytime Davey D listens to Bruce Springsteen the day of tournament he either wins or comes in second.  I would like to name the monkey Ralph and thank him for getting the FUCK off my back yesterday and allowing me to win a Mendo Tournament.  Tobey Stein is my baby sister and it was her birthday yesterday and the vibes were flowing back and forth. 

What do David Stein and Adam Scott have in common? 

1.  They both won a tournament on Sunday April 14, 2013.
2.  There are 3 total syllables in their first and last names.
3.  The both have the astrological sign of Cancer.
4.  They are both very handsome Caucasian men. 
5.  They are both skinny.

Somewhat of a conversial ending came into play yesterday when Big Arm (not to be confused with Big Foot) AKA Hems threw OB (or is it) in the parking lot and he wasn't sure if the parking lot was OB on A course.  He played a provisional (he played the hole as if it weren't OB and scored a 3) and played it as OB and scored a 5.  This would have made a difference in the handicapped tournament becuase we would have tied for best handicap score at -3.  Who was at our last meeting?  Not at the small course design meeting but the meeting prior where we decided to make the parking lot and tennis courts OB?  The question the parking lot OB on A course or just B and C and is it written down in the meeting notes?




  1. Read the blogs bitches and say something witty or just say something. Hemmies, did you ever find the meeting notes and is it written in the meeting notes about the parking lot being OB on A course?


  2. I do believe we voted for parking lot and tennis courts to ALWAYS be OB.
    Uh..... never trust a guy with two first names...
    Uh... Bruce Springsteen ain't never got no monkey off my back but Davey's sister on the other hand...

    Uh... What do you call any ab under legal size?... Abarone...
    Uh... Kid walks into a library, asks the librarian for two milk shakes, two large frys and a cheeseburger. Librarian says, "Don't you know you are in a library?" Kid whispers, "I'll have two milk shakes, two large..."
    Uh... How's that Davey?