Saturday, April 6, 2013

cr course update

Hi guys, i met with the dean at the college the other day, he wanted to let us know that even though the future of the college is uncertain he believes the course is safe. He thinks that the three possible scenarios are this. 1 the college stays open and they lease out the western buildings to the montessori school, in which case there would be a fence built by those buildings that would probably not affect the course very much. 2 the college is sold to another school institution like mendocino college  which would probably not affect the course either, or 3 the school just shuts down then the course would be fine too. He also wanted to just make clear the work the club has done out there for whoever is in charge in the future so they know all that we have done out there. i have sent him a letter detailing all the improvements we have done. including the new baskets. so if by some off chance whoever is in charge decides they don't want a course there we will be able to remove the new baskets, i believe if that did happen they should be offered to the sponsor that paid for them first along with the picnic tables that the platinum sponsors paid for as well.
Also he agreed to make the club the official "stewards" of the course. Which means that MCFC via the fort bragg course design and maintenance committee make the decisions out there. any major changes to the property will still need to be cleared with the dean or whoever is in charge, I think that this is great because it sets a standard hopefully to prevent random people from going out there and chopping a tree down they don't think should be there or whatnot and it gives more recognition to our club.

also I will be gone a lot this summer as usual so i would love it if some people could step up and handle some improvements out there. Please anyone who thinks they could find some time contact me, there are a lot of projects to be done out there from big to little, and i would love it if we could keep the ball rollin out there, also there are still tee sign sponsorships available, 150$ gets you or your business name on a tee sign and we could really use some more $ coming in so if you have any ideas that would be awesome

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