Monday, September 13, 2010

Jeremy Wins

Running out the door, found that I had two scorecards from yesterday. Here are the scores on those two:

Nate: +7
Ryan: -7
Matthew: -6
David: -1
Jim: -8
Erin: -10

Hope someone else has the third card.

Congrats to Jeremy!


  1. Thanks for the write up Jimmy. Does anyone have a picture of Jeremy or maybe just a picture of an Epic? Although it is nice looking a Rye Bread's bum lets give Mr. Epic his due credit. See y'all tonight.


  2. Howdy MCFCers-
    I just got through updating and cleaning up (making it look nicer) our handis. I also printed up a copy to bring. A few highlights- Magee to -5(!), David "bagsalot" down to -6, Jeremy "3 rounds a day" to even.
    I am going to print up some scorecards too.
    Its raining now but supposedly it will stop later-
    Bring your rags-