Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Way Tie, 15 people turn out, Erin Lays up?

News heard all around the Frolf World: Erin the Hemulous Hemulie shoots 12 under, wins with a -7 handicap by laying up? Thats right folks you heard it hear first. The 4 way tie consisted of up and comer to the Frolf world Tai, Vince the Vinny Vincenzo, back from Frolf tour (oh I'm sorry I mean PDGA Disc Golf) Derrick strokes a lot Dirka Dekendra, and none other than Frolf Designer HemHaw. Top of the World was played with 3 out of the 4 players missing, Hemulous laying up and taking the high pay out (I am not sure how many paying customers).

Other news on this beautiful day included 3 (thats right folks 3) CTPs. Hole 12, 13, and 15. Rye Bread took 12 and 15 and won $9 and a shirt and Nate the Sawyer Sawyerton won the hihgly sought after new Aviar made of sturdy wood and rubber (smell it).

Bagtag Challenges: Dirka holds onto his bagtag after tying with minussixweather. The dentist fends off pesky little Arthea Julip (Arvin Jules).

In related news: after shitting the bed last week wtih a -1 (my worst round in a long time maybe ever) the dentist comes back and shoots -8 hitting 33.5 foot jump putts and missing 15 foot gimmes.


Ok well Matthew here Jumping in on David's post to break down a few scores-

jason +12
Tim +8
Jake +4
Jeremy 0
Tai +2
Craig +1
Vince -5
Derrick -6
AJ -3
David -8
Nate +4
Matthew -6
Ryan Magee +2
Erin -12
Ryan (city) +6
Ok just a reminder for all you in frolf land, we had a little contraversy last week which could have been avoided if:
a) scores had been double checked
and b)people didn't roll in half hour late.
Also, we should wait until all the cards are in and checked before going up the hill to hole 19.
Should we have a drop dead cut off? a time? Maybe no one after first drive has been thrown?


  1. Can someone posts the score and put Erin's lovely face (or arms) on the blog?


  2. derrick strokes a lot dirka dekendra??? you been watching me when im home alone????

  3. Wait. Can we back up a bit? Lay up????

  4. Late Update: Baltimore B, who comes out once every 2 months, won last week's tournament in deciding fashion shooting 7 under his handicap. Can someone post a picture of him? Can someone put up the score cards from last week? I guess I need to learn how to do these things...