Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stormin' in for Victory, Jeremy ties for second but leaves

In one of the briefest summations of a tourney ever, Brian Storms showed up last Sunday and opened up a nice fresh can of whoop-@#$, and beat everybody by eleventy billion strokes. Jeremy tied for second but was already at the coffee shack in Ft Bragg by the time the round ended, so Vince took second place by not leaving early. As is tradition, whom ever post about the tourney has to mention there own great/mediocre/horrible round. lets just say mine was the latter. Oh and David shot really good. And Erin.
Lindsey +6
Jake S. +4
Vince -3
Ryan M -2
Nathan +4
Matthew +4
David -9
Jason +4
Brian -3 FTW
Jeremy -3
Greg +2


  1. Hey, Congratulations to THE LINZANATOR! What is the chick record anyways? Go Giants!


  2. Nice job Lindz!
    wish I had seen it-
    Could someone post the scores, and maybe even update the handi's?
    Pretty please?