Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chick Record Smashed in Lindsey's Seismic Victory!

In a devastating display of masterful driving, putting, and psychological warfare, Lindsey destroyed the field, the chick record, and her own personal best on Sunday by shooting a 1 down, 8 shots under her handicap! On a day many found the wind speed and direction to be daunting, Linz used it to her advantage, and left her opponents literally in the dust. When asked after the round to describe her putting, she chuckled disdainfully and looked at the horizon like a gunfighter recalling a particularly brutal victory: "I made everything."

Many members of the MCFC have subsequently expressed doubts about continuing with the sport after their dismembering on Sunday, and one can only hope the club will survive--much as one hopes a wild animal will survive after being trapped and placed in a zoo. How long can the body continue to live after the spirit has been gutted? Only time will tell. But the memory of this performance will live on, if only in the nightmares of the competitors there to experience it!


  1. I'm not sure I went far enough...

  2. Hmmmm.. is this what happens when Auden wakes up at 4:30 am?
    I think that if you had said disemboweled after dismembered (ouch) that would have taken care of it. Kinda makes me glad I wasn't there. Thanks for the post Jim. Does someone have the scores? Could someone do handis? Can anyone play 3rd base for the Giants?


  3. good job linz, thats awesome

  4. Good work Linz! You have motivated Jody to go in to deep training.

    Congrats! And we miss you all!