Friday, December 12, 2008

Late Recap

Better late than never. Here is the recap of Sunday's tourney:

We had one our largest turnouts yet with fifteen (paying) participants. This meant three payouts and a larger spread of wealth. The round started out breezy at about a 'Four' on the Beaufort scale, where " dust raises and loose paper; small branches are moved" and quickly turned to a 'Five' where "small trees and branches begin to sway; crested wavelets form on inland waters". Needless to say, the scores suffered a bit with the wind. David Stein won with an uncontested -6 bh, -3ah.

I have to mention that Jody also shot a -3 ah. WAIT!, now I remember what happened. I added her card up wrong and got her hopes way up, but for naught. She was only -2 under. Sorry again Jody. Anyway Tim, our newest member and quickly advancing frolfer, tied Jody for second. These two had yet to place in the money previously, so all eyes were on the top of the world playoff shots. Jody made a real run for the goal posts, but Tim walked away with second place, and Jody with third. Dallas and I tied for the overall with -7's and we also had a playoff from the top. I missed, he didn't. Damn. Overall it was a nice round for most, with a beautiful high strato cirrus sunset, and a nice send-off round for Jody and Bryan who moved north on Monday. Hood River's Gain, Mendocino's loss. Mendo disc golf will miss you guys, and we eagerly await your return!

I forgot to mention the spicy nuts ctp. Mathew came through once again with a great ctp prize of home brewed spiced almonds, which Roy excitedly accepted for his skillful shot on #3. Roy throws ctp's all the time it seems ...just wait untill he starts sinking those 30' puts!


  1. As long as Roy stays away from Rusty style driver putting it should be any week. GO ROY!

  2. I'd like to make an important correction to Erin's narration of the tournament: the nuts were really more sweet than spicy. I know, since Roy let me try some. Thank you.