Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Disc Golf

Season's Greetings-
Frolf has continued through rain, hail, sleet and cold.
I was too busy and-or modest to post last weeks tourney results but here they are.
I shot a -9 to take the overall pot whose participants included Jim, David, Derrick, Mathew, and myself. The -9 equated to a -3 after hc which was good enough to win the handicap tourney over the second place score of -2 shot by Rusty. The ace pool was also drained by a skip ace on hole #2 by... me.
In an effort to spread the wealth there was a wicked cool mini ham and eggs disc CTP prize offered generously by Derrick which was won by me on hole 11. Thankfully, there was one more CTP on hole 18. Not one of the 7 drives split the uprights! We had to settle it with a playoff to a short hole 10. Jim snuggled it in and won a holiday song mix compiled by Davey-D.
Whew! 5 for 5 would have been a little over the top.

Yesterdays tourney was the last of the year and had a decent showing of 10 guys. Rusty has been on everyone's heels and he finally didn't get second place, HE WON! He shot an impressive -1 which dropped to a difficult to beat -5 ah. Jim and I tied for second with -4's ah's. Which was settled from the top of the world. I had a brand new Firebird and confidently threw it out wide and let it tank to the left through the uprights within 10'. Jim missed, then threw back through the posts and absolutely nailed his 50' par putt. I felt only slightly bad sinking my birdie..
As consolation Jim did win the only CTP of the day by making the best drive on 18. He won the last bottle left of the ginger beer Lindsey and I made for Christmas. Cheers Jim!
See you all next year, and don't worry next week my hc will be back to the impossible to win -7!


  1. Go Rusty! Good job Erin. We have been discless up here in the great white north. Love hearing the updates, keep up the good work. Thanks again and we cant wait to get back and do some discin'
    -Bryan Brody
    Oh and Derrick was nice enough to bring me a ham and eggs mini! He is so nice! Happy New Years all!

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  3. I have to add that the handmade ginger ale was superb! I'm not just being nice here, it was head and shoulders above any store-bought ginger ale I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot! I think the fresh lemon juice with a bit of pulp is what pushed it over the edge, although the stuff in general was just preposterously fresh-tasting! I would personally like to ask if it is possible to commission a new batch from Linz and Erin? I would also love to be there to see how it's done! Apparently there is a custom-made carbonation machine involved...? Anyone else interested?

  4. I'm currently consuming the last bottle of our delicious ginger brew stash (and lucky for Erin, I'm sharing!). Unfortunately, we had to return several key pieces of our carbonation machine which were on loan, but will hopefully have another opportunity to brew again. Mmmmmm!