Wednesday, January 7, 2009

-A- Game

Judging by the final scores, everyone was ready to bring their A-games for the first tourney of 2009. After three or four days of strong north westerlies, Sunday turned out to be dead calm. 12 players in all, we split into our groups and teed off. Halfway through the round, I'll bet quite a few players thought they had this tourney in the bag. My group all seemed in contention, and from all the noise the other group was making they were playing damn good as well.

I wish I had the scores in front of me, but I will do my best to remember them. Mae's Dad (Jim) won with a superb -12! This tied his previous tournament best, and was certainly a well deserved win. His handicap was a -5, making a -7 ah the score to beat. Ryan shot a -6 ah, which on any given Sunday is a sure win. Sorry Rye Bread. He did receive the second place $10 to ease the pain. Third place was -5ah shot by Vince, fourth was -4 by Davey-D, and I lost track after that. Also, Jim's -12 was way ahead of my -8 and easily took the overall pot.

All said, it was an impressive showing, and a great start for our 09' frolf club.
This is the time for resolutions, so I am hoping that I can get more people involved in this blog. Is anyone interested? If you signed up and are listed as an author than your ready to go, just click New Post and write whatever you want. No rules, no expectations, doesn't even have to be about disc golf.

I'm stoked for next weeks Special Booneville Pony Keg Tourney! I will take photos and blog it for those who can't make it. We miss you Jody and Bryan!

Our own Frolf Cheerleaders!
Sky & Shaleah's cheer went something like "supercalifragilisticaspialidocious You WIN!"

Nile, Jonah, & Ian Watching us play #11.
These are great local guys who grew up here
and are pretty darn good frolfer's. After many
invites they still refuse to buy into our whole
monetary based competition scheme,
and only play for fun.What gives, guys?

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