Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frolf Records

I thought it would add some fun to keep track of all the record rounds shot on our course. I have set up a rough list out of memory, but I'm almost positive it needs some corrections. If you know of any records I don't, or see flaws in the ones I listed please leave a comment. If anyone can think of other records worth documenting let me know.

For those wondering what speed golf is, Wikipedia defines it as:

"Speed Golf is a sport started California in 1979 by American runner Steve Scott and which involves completing a golf course in the lowest combination of strokes and time.

Players run between shots and generally carry as few as one or as many as six clubs, (discs)
A player's score is calculated by adding minutes plus strokes, so a round of 90 completed in 50 minutes and 30 seconds would compute to a score of 140:30."

So next time you want to play some disc and only have half an hour, time to try for a speed golf record!


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