Tuesday, January 20, 2009

im comin for ya

derrick is back on the scene and not going anywhere for a while. although i missed you all and the course greatly, i had a wonderfull time visiting my family, seeing some incredible concerts( garaj mahal check em out), getting some great snowboarding in on beautifull mt hood

, and disc golfing in the frozen northwest.the brodys out of a complete jonzin addiction set up three holes in like 3 feet of snow. bryan shoveled some tee spots and all the snow was ob.

i played a new course in vancouver wa that went in near where my parents live called leverich park. this park was being taken over by homeless camps and addicts but now from sunrise to sunset a constant flow of frolfers. its only 12 holes but its fun. i shot probably 15 rounds here while i was gone. my best score ended up a 1 down which i was happy with. also many rounds went down in the dalles at sorosis park(funny name huh?)a fun course as well but very frustrating with tons of trees but a couple of great views.
also the brodys and i took a day trip to hornings hideout one of the greatest places on earth prior to putting in 36 holes, a long and somewhat less long course. now with the addition of the frolf this place trancends greatness and becomes some sort of heaven like playground with tons of peacocks

so thats what ive been up to. The blog is great to keep track of whats happenin here while ive been traveling. Im glad you created it Erin. See you all sunday if not sooner.


  1. Hoorah for Frolfing in the snow! Erin and I played the Truckee course in snow one time. Good times. The photo of the long putt with the big river in the background...what river is that? Is that Horning's Hideout?

  2. thats the columbia river from on top of the ridge at sorosis park