Monday, January 12, 2009

The Boonville Bomber...I mean the Navarro Nightmare!

As many FROLFers are aware, beer and disc golf go hand in hand. It seemed only natural, then, that on Sunday last, Nathan hosted our second special tourney at the Boonville Brewery. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I was anticipating this tourney and I was truly stoked to play this new course. Nathan did a great job of organizing the event, we had thirteen players, and just about as many donated CTP prizes, which was a great idea whovever had it.

Here are the results: Tim the "Navarro Nightmare" walked away with this one with our first over par winning score ever with a +1 ah. There was a playoff for second with Ryan Mcgee and Mr Runner Up himself Roy! Ryan took second with a +3 ah. I took the overall with a -3 bh. The ctp's were spread out fairly evenly, with a few too many in my pocket. Nobody aced, although I did see a group ahead of us ace hole 15.

This course was definitely way more difficult than ours. I can say without any doubt that every player hit trees, often. After playing his first round on the new course, Jim said this Boonville course is way better than the High Schools. I reluctantly agreed at the time, but after having a day to think about it, I would have to disagree. I think Mendo has more shot variety and more fun factor.

The special tourney torch was passed from Nate to Jim, so we will wait to see what he cooks up this springtime.


  1. I must correct my friend and course designer Erin! I don't believe I said this course was "way" better than Mendo. I think I was reacting to my excitement that this course was as interesting as it was! I've driven past the thing and always thought it was just a muni-like slog back and forth around the outside of the brewery on flat uninteresting land. I had no idea of the amount and quality of the acreage they've got over there! Tough course, yes, and it could be that the Mendo course has a bigger fun factor, particularly for beginners. But I do enjoy this course very much. There isn't any purpose in making rankings or anything. Thank goodness we have both options!

    And as Ryan said after the round, I want another crack at this course soon!

  2. By the way, awesome pic of us scruffy golf dudes!

  3. Also, I have to inject one more thing: Tim is from Navarro, not Boonville, so we realized halfway through the round that his new nickname really has no relevance at all. By the end, we were calling him the Navarro Nightmare!

  4. Thanks for the corrections Jim! I have to push some buttons or nobody would ever write anything. Any ideas on getting more people to blog? Is everybody that busy? I hope that someday this blog will catch on..