Saturday, January 17, 2009

New B-Course Doubles Record!

Well I write to report that a fine best-shot doubles match ensued yesterday, between Ryan "Rye Bread" McGee and Jim Eldridge vs. Davey "The Dentist" Stein and Erin Hemmings.  Ryan and Jim have had a good amount of doubles success in the past, so Dave and Erin knew they had to play their best, and they did.  After the tough front-nine of the B course, the score stood 6 under to 5 under, with D&E leading but the momentum being squarely in the R&E camp after their birdies on 8 and 9.  But Davey calmly stepped on the gas on the 10th hole, and single-handedly birdied it, one of the most difficult birdies on the course!  From there, D&E never looked back, birdieing 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, to post an extraordinary score of 14 under!  Although few doubles rounds have been played on this tough B-course, we are confident that this score will hold up as the best-shot doubles record for some time!  
Although it seemed as if Davey was carrying the team a bit (and making every putt he looked at!), a look back at the round shows that they really ham-and-egged it around the course.  They used 11 of Erin's drives, and 7 of Dave's, and after counting putts of consequence--i.e. putts made that were outside the comfortable range--I had Dave making 5 and Erin making 3.
For the record, R&E hung in there, getting to a bogie-free 8 under, before failing to make the uprights on 18 and finishing with a strong but disappointing 7-under.  But it was a pleasure to watch a doubles team in synch and on fire, making history!


  1. Wow what a round! Good work guys! Glad to hear all about the rounds going on down there! Derrick took my money this past Thursday at Hornings Hideout. On both courses he put the hammer down and kicked my butt. Jody even got a victory on me, at the smaller of the two courses. She shot even. We cant wait to get back to Mendo and see you all. Good luck tomorrow everyone!

  2. Alright! I had almost forgotten that doubles round, but what has me really excited is a post written by somebody other than myself. THANK YOU Jim, your a blog-saver! I would also like to add that I really had a good time playing that doubles match, good times. Thanks for the update on the Oregon scene Brodys and Derrick. We can't wait to have you back, did I mention its been in the 70's?!

  3. aloha frolfers,
    I would love to post stories on here, but I can't seem to figure it out. Do I need to set up a seperate blog in order to post. Please guide me through this bloggerdom so I may too participate.
    Ryan MAGEE (its Irish not McGee the Scottish)

  4. Hey Ryan-
    Glad your ready to get in on the blog. It's easy to sign up. Basically, once you sign up you become one of the blogs authors and can write, edit, and post photos, etc. I have sent you another invite that will ask you for a gmail address enter it and your done.
    Let me know if you have any trouble.
    I sent the invite to

  5. Erin, Jim

    I have now entered the blog zone. I think?

    I am now preparing to make my runs on a couple of those course records. 10 down yesterday and waiting for my out of town partner (bagger prefered). See you Sunday.

  6. Hey Tom-

    Glad to have you on here. Feel free to write whenever you want, keep us updated on all those tournaments you play. If you want a doubles record its 15 down on A course, 14 down on B. See you soon.