Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey guys, ive been working on getting stuff together on the icebowl, things are going good . we got a few sponsors to help with the expenses of putting the event on and we have some donations already.

looks like the cost of entry will be
25$ and 2 cans of food = a disc and a t shirt
35$ and 2 cans of food = a full color buzz and a t shirt

i also wanted to offer a club member special
of 50$ entry to tourney = a full color buzz, a t shirt and a hoodie

also anyone who registers early can swap out a full color buzz for either:

tye dyed pro katana
champ boss, or valkyrie
star katana, mako, or sidewinder
or a Z nuke

you got to let me know by jan 10th

ill be out of town for a couple weeks but it would be great if you can call me and let me know what you want

ill be in touch


  1. Awesome job D-rock. I am stoked your following up last years great ice bowl with a potentially even better tournament. I'm making score cards again right? Oh and I want a new champ boss Santa..

  2. Dirka,

    Thanks for the update and THANKS for all your hard work. I want to register early and I want a tye dyed pro katana. I guess we will have to talk about/figure out how to do the special entry with the hoodie. I haven't put an order in yet but I will soon. When is the date of the Ice Bowl? Anyone?


  3. yo david i finally got to a computer. the icebowl is on feb 12. could you ask everyone at the next sunday tourney to see who wants the 50 mcfc club special and what size hoodie they want.ill try to get a hold of folks too and if you could remind everyone i need to know what you guys want by the 10th of jan

  4. Hey Guys,

    I just figured out I can't play the IceBowl this year. Totally bummed. I've got my two-man ball golf tournament in the bay that day. Let me know what I can do to pitch in anyhow.

  5. things are shaping up

    AJ went out and gathered a ton of prizes as donations all over fort breezy, looks like we are gonna have a killer raffle with a metal basket and bbq(s) a skateboard, and im sure a ton of other killer stuff, we could always use more stuff though if any of you have ideas , and please try to spread the word as much as possible we need more players

  6. :::updates:::

    IB order is in and payed for approx 80% paid for by sponsors, another huge success. everyone i have talked to has been super supportive, a lot of people remember Cary even the ones who only met him briefly, there is rumor of Dylan coming up from San Louis Obispo?? if he can. T shirts are being made with club logo on front and IB logo on back w/ sponsors underneath. Also we will be getting patches made for trophys i hope to get them like 4 inches or so. lots of ctps and raffle prizes dont forget to bring $ for raffle tix.I need to get a roll of those real soon, because you dont have to be present to win so we can sell tix to anyone who wants to support it, or cant make it. does anyone know a place locally where we can pick up a roll of those raffle tix, a lot of cool stuff in the raffle !!! metal basket !!! and lots more

    dont forget about the prizes for most food donated this year i hope to get prizes for more than just first place, so more people will win stuff for bringing lots of food

  7. and i wanted to remind everyone that any of us can get prize donations from anywhere, every little thing helps out to make the event even better.