Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Under Through 13!

I did not witness this feat I only heard about it..."Hemmies was 12 under after 13 on track to break the course record". After thinking about this I was jogging my memory to think if I ever went 12 under after 13 holes or if I have witnessed this. Has anyone else achieved this feat at our little course on the coast? I can remember being 8 under after 9 holes but never 12 under after 13. Anyways I thought it worth mentioning and talking about.

As for the rest of the tournament there was a 4 way tie for first with each member shooting 5 under their handicaps. Those members including: Hemmies, Jims, Rye Bread, and (drum role please) Roy. After Hemmies received a controversial call (3 people saw it no good and 1 person saw it good) on the uprights for the elusive "Top O' The World" shot this did not slow him down for hitting a big putt to seal the deal and win the tournament. Jimmers took second after 3 holes. Congratulations fellers!

Can someone post the rest of the scores? Hemmies, is there a way to move up the bag tag order to the top of the page? Currenlty, it is way down on the page.

P.S. Hemmies, is that a bowling shirt your wearing? Where was that picture taken and when?



  1. I am leaving for Michigan in the morning (Thursday 12/16) to play snow frolf and see family and friends. I won't be there on Sunday but Nate Dizzle has the ace pot. Everyone have a nice week and Happy ChrismuHaniKwanzikaa if I don't see you before then.


  2. Thanks for the write up Davey. The shirt is a Big D 2010, size large, quick dry synthetic. My Dad took the photo with a borrowed Cannon lens worth 8k's. Its the same lens you see all the press using at sports games, HUGE. This photo and a few others are interesting because they capture what happens when the disc leaves your hand. It rips away- there is no letting go. I had always wondered..

    Oh and I was only 11 down through 12. I missed 13, but did get 14 15 16.