Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Annual Dark N' Weather Commerorative Disc Golf Tournament @ Koa Willits Disc Golf Course; Hosted by the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club

elcome to the write-up of the 1st annual DNW DGT@KOADGC. The Co-Tournament Directors (CTDs) thought a mix-up of formats would lend a festive aire to the 1st annual DNW DGT. First up we scheduled a night, glow, alternate shot, handicapped doubles round. Second we switched up a few holes for the standard singles handicapped sunday round. Finally we added the two handicapped scores of each player and awarded the MCFC Special Tourney Trophy to the winner.
Night round was uneventful.

It fulfilled the requirement of dark. This was apparent to every frolfer in the game. Drives became much more difficult and required tutelage by Obiwan Kanobi to feel the shot with your being not just your eyes. A fair amount of over the counter and medicinal substances made this little trick possible. Putting took on a new persona in that your glowing (or not, AJ) disc had to fly through the darkness and find a safe landing in the basket (or monster from your worst nightmares). All in all the round was successful. No lost discs, limited controversy and plenty of stories to tell afterward. David and Ryan (CTD, CTD, CTD) won with a -1 handicapped round followed by Jim and Aaron with a 0 and Derrick and Jared with a 0. The leader board was tight with another round to play.

Waking up to the sun was a pleasant surprise. The fact that it was only a few hours after laying down to sleep made it difficult to embrace but it seemed to be an omen for a great round of play.
As the teams broke up and the play began, so did the rain. The weather component of this tourney was now in play. I can speak only for my round (+12) when I say that rain can be a limiting factor in scoring. With two alternate pin placements, one never having been shot (#2 over the newly constructed "Willits Castle") the difficulty rating of the KOADGC increased dramatically. With a few discs in the pond (there would have been more if we didn't make a last second decision to not move the pin up the hill to the sunday position) and a few wet hoodies, the players all made it back in one piece. The winner was Erin with a hadicapped 0 followed by Nate and Craig tied for second with a +1. It has been a while since a score not under handi won a tourney. Nate and Craig played hole 1 and Nate won with a 30' putt for birdie.

There were many CTP prizes handed out and lots of smiling faces. The famous Cherry Wood Scaled Down Destroyer Trophy was awarded to..............................................................................
CTD David Stein with a +1 hadicapped score over the two rounds.

Thank you all for showing up in the rain for a fun tournament.
I would like to give a special thanks to Matthew Starkweather for all of his work and oranization that has gone into making our tournaments and club something we all can cherish. Aloha Oi Matthew and good luck in your travels. We will be waiting for your return to Tourney play. May your tires stay inflated, may your flip flops never fail, may you know the difference between the cantina and the jail. May you always see the angles and embrace the songs you've sung and may you stay, forever young.
We love you Matthew.


  1. if someone can post a picture of David that would be great. I have Derricks sweet camp table at my house (thanks for the grill and poker play D)and thought this would be a good forum for posting lost and found items from the tourney.

  2. Frolfy Frolfers,

    Thanks for the thoughtful write up, Bread. I reiterate the thoughtful sentiments regarding Parky Darker Weather. Parky McParkerson, thanks for everything you have done for the MFC/MCFC/MCDGC. Frolfers (including myself) around the world admire you for deepening the sport and making it fun for EVERYONE no matter what their skill level is. It won't be the same with out you. I hope to come to an NFC (Nicaragua Frolf Club) event, weekly, or tourney sometime.

    I had a blast at the tournament and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was like a different world and it has been hard to adapt and get back into my work life but such is life.

    Lost items: Rye Bread, I think I have your coffee mug. Arvin, I have your dice. James, I have your basket.

    PS Who is doing the next special tournament? Nate Dog with his family values idea? Hemmies with his safari headlands idea?


  3. Thank you all for such a Kick A** tourney- especially the TD's Ryebread and Davey "MFing" D. I had such a good time, had one of my best disc rounds ever (not in the tourney of course!) and felt really spoiled to have a special tourney named after me, without even having to die. I feel like basically the whole club was there- with Jim driving straight from the airport, and the brodys from Bumblef**k oregon. We didn't even get yelled at Sat night!?! Anyway I think I have finally recovered and can now just bask in the memories of good friends and good times in the rain, while I sip tropical drinks and bask in the warm nicaraguan sunshine. Adios, Amigos!

  4. Fond (and not so fond) remembrances:

    ~The glorious night round with Brun as my partner. Both of us being prone to apology, we made a rule early on that if either of us threw a "sorry" at the other, the apologist would have to do a shot of whiskey. Needless to say, it was a miracle we were only slurring and stumbling at the end. I will say, though, that anyone who was there at the picnic table after the round had to be impressed by both our final score (second place by a shot), and my ability to explain and legitimate our scorecard through the cacophonic haze of catcalls and my own buzz.

    ~Many epic dice games. Somehow I won a few of them. One regret: not joining in on at least one poker game. My poker face would have been impossible for anyone, including me, to decipher.

    ~Giving that lodge a new nickname: the smokehouse.

    ~The sound of David at 3:30am, as everyone but he was trying to go to sleep.

    ~The sound of David at 8am, when everyone but he was trying to remain asleep. Shudder.

    ~My afternoon round. My first hole, hole 4, I managed to double bogie. Left my up shot short, went for the par putt and floated it over the top and all the way down the hill. Tough start. But am I one to bend to the vagaries of disc golf disaster?? HARDLY! I went on to birdie the next two holes (including the pond hole), and then 8, 10, and 11, parring everything in between, to move to 3 under through my first 8 holes! Made a tough par on the ticklish 12th, chained out a birdie attempt on 13, and deemed myself in perfect position to take down the wooden destroyer trophy! And then came 14. My drive was short, my upshot not bad but right, but leaving me an awkward steeply downhill putt. It was only 18 feet at most, but had a tree trunk lurching into view from upper left to lower right, and a nightmarish result if the putt missed. I gave it a brave effort, but the trunk just nicked the putt, and my disc touched chain and headed downhill, stopping just out of range of a makable bogie putt. I gave it a valiant effort, but then disaster struck. The missed bogie putt hit basket, and then got sideways, and plummeted into the abyss below. And just like that, a likely par transformed itself into a seven, and my wooden destroyer dreams were crushed like David's Sunday morning digestive stability.

    A thousand thanks to the crooked CTDs, who finagled themselves into the winner's circle in two of the three contests, and no-doubt split all the money and glory between themselves. They are cons of the top order, right up there with Newman and Redford, even more so because the took care of us and entertained us while their hands were in our pockets! Who but they could have pulled off this feat?? Three cheers for the CTDs!

    Who's next???


    p.s. Uh... nice win Dave.