Tuesday, December 21, 2010

G Slaps Weather Upside Head

Well most of you missed what ended up to be quite a riveting Sunday tourney, let me tell you! Check this out:

We had seven intrepid travelers sign up for the carnage, as a bodacious bewildering bowl of bluster had us baffled and bowled over! The weather was at once everywhere and nowhere...the torrential rainwater which surrounded us never seemed to find us, but the wind direction changed constantly, often within the same hole, making driving and putting akin to hammering nails with your eyes closed. One player even pulled out and had a DNF, leaving only six to cower over the scorecards.

The round was not without its spectacular highlights however! With not a shot of warm-up, our own Elderberry (that would be your loyal narrator) stepped up to his first hole, hole #3, and let a low drive skirt the bluster, skip gently in front of the right bush, and fold neatly into the basket for the ever-elusive ACE!!! Let me tell you, I highly recommend being 2 down after 1. It's an excellent way to start a round, no matter what anyone says! Two thumbs up!

Unfortunately, I didn't make many more negative numbers after that, nor did anyone in my group. The other group, however, held a secret assassin who shrugged off the weather as if it were nothing more than a paramour blowing in his ear. As is his custom, Greg told everyone after the round that he had shot a 6 down, and after our guffaws, the joke was on us: He had in fact shot a 6 down, 5 under his handi, and 3 better than anyone shot without handicap! Nate took second with a respectable 1 under his handi, and the rest of us contented ourselves with the fact that we hadn't lost discs.

Hats off to the brave souls who showed while it blowed!!


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