Thursday, February 26, 2009

Willits Tourney, March 8th (and 7th!!)

Ok, all you disc hooligans, here is something to sink your gnarled teeth into:

Our Sunday tourney on March 8th will be at the KOA course in Willits!  Not only that, but the grand prize for the handicapped winner will be nothing less than a brand new traveling disc golf basket!!

That's right people, the tourney you've been itchin' for is finally coming, and none too soon to get prepared for the big KOA Pro/Am Jam in June!  

And if that weren't enough, a number of us will be spending that Saturday night at the campsite, getting up to goodness-knows-what kind of shenanigans, likely to include but not limited to:  a doubles round on Saturday afternoon, a night round involving lighted baskets and either glow discs or lighted discs, liars dice, puttputt golf, campfires, BBQ, and throwing Davey into the pool.  

There are some things to be worked out.  I need to know how many are going to be spending the night, so I can reserve enough campsites.  Also I am deciding whether or not to book one cabin for our group, in case it dumps rain Sat. night and we need an indoor area in which to frolic.  I would be interested to hear any input on that.  Thusfar we have four confirmed for Sat. night for sure:  myself, Davey, Ryan, and Derrick.  Let me know if you're in!  

Then the next thing to establish is the time of the Sunday tourney.  I would lean toward making it earlier, since we'll already be there.  Something like noon seems like a reasonable compromise.  What do people think?  Chime in!  

Fyi, bc of the prize, the entry fee for this tourney is 10 bucks instead of 5.  Unless people are willing to kick in 15, in which case I might make my money back on the basket!  But in any case, 10 bucks will get you in.

Also, I loved Nate's idea of everyone bringing a CTP prize, so everyone try to remember to do that, and I'll try to bring a few.

Also I think I'm going to place an order with Catch-a Canoe for a bunch of lighted discs, so we can play the night round.  If you want me to order you one, OR if you have some extras other people can use, let me know.

Alright, let the chatter begin!!


  1. I just looked into lighted discs, and it looks like the best option might be a small light that can be attached to any disc. I'm looking into them. Does anyone know about these? Or we could always just go with the gorilla tape and the fishing lure light...

  2. We played a night round at the KOA last summer and it was a pain in the butt to tape and retape.
    Sometimes the tape and glo stick come off mid air so it can lead to lost disc. Still fun, but you have to be prepared with extra everything! Ask the KOA to hook you up with a discount on the cabins and they will. They waived all extra people fees and gave us a cheap cabin! One of the ladies will even leave the pool and hot tub open if you are quite. We are trying to hatch a plain to get down there for this one,but if we dont make it have a great time and practice up for June.

  3. one more question, regular tees or the tournement tees?

  4. We're open to different tee choices! C'MON DOWN, BRODYS!!

  5. Jimmy-I am in for the lighted discs. Count me in for however many. We can bring flashlights or headlamps and illuminate them before we throw.
    Brodys-Get your funky asses down here. We need the Brodness.

    Davey D

  6. Count half of the Brodys in! I, Bryan, will be in town for the pre KOA jam. Also if anyone is interested the KOA is running a special, if you camp Friday you get Sat. for free. Just a heads up if anyone wanted a whole weekend of frolfing fun. See you all soon!

  7. Bryan,

    So I'll probably post this on the blog in greater detail, but fyi, it looks like we'll be meeting at the KOA Willits at 3pm, Saturday. We'll play a round before dark, then dinner, then a night round if we can get everything together, then a third official tourney round on Sunday at high noon. The Sunday round will cost 10 dollars to enter (plus 1 for the ace pool if you're in). When will we be seeing you? And sorry the other Brody won't be making it! Is it too late to change her mind?? ;-)

  8. Coming with a CTP for hole 7. I just know I wont win that one. I have been retired from disc and I am so excited to play!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope we have good turn out!!
    Jody is enjoying the snow and is very sad not to make it. I am getting into town Thurs.
    Great idea for this tournament. Thanks.