Monday, March 2, 2009

Bringing Frolf to the Masses

Aloha everyone,
As some of you may or may not know, I run a small private non-profit up in Cleone.  We are an environmental education school where 6th graders come out to the coast and camp for 5 days and learn about ecology.  The kids have some rec. time in the afternoons and I've set up a small disc golf course for them.  In the past we've used ultimate discs, but the kids break them.  For a few seasons I've been neglecting our supply of discs and reinforcing it with cheap give-away discs.  Last season I brought two old putters of mine in and donated them to the course.  They have stood up to the abuse and inspired this posting (thank you "dennis/ sequoia/ berkley" and "old-school aviar").  If anyone has old putters for donation, Pacific Environmental Education Center has a collector.  Don't worry how bad of shape it is in, we'll take it.  Thanks for the time.  I will be more interesting next time.


  1. I got one for ya Ryan. See you this weekend.

  2. Bread,

    I have a shit ton of old discs at my folks' house in Detroit I can bring some back for you when I go back during the summer. Is that too late?


  3. amazing. dennis/sequoia/berkeley. a classic. i'll give you some oldies next time in town. most of mine say starkweather on them cuz' I just can't stop beating that guy. ;)


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  5. oops, retraction: 1 innova disc golf bag. The wife wants to keep hers.