Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anatomy of an Ace....and other Willits fun!

Ever wonder how to throw a line drive ace?
Here is how AJ does it with his Cobra..

Don't forget about the Might Brun..

Rye Bread battling on without the majestic Eagle..


Run-up?! I don't need no stinking run-up..

Man, Derrick's drives are smooooth.

Last shot of the day on 18? Think again
we have a whole night round comin'


  1. I think AJ did it with a Cobra. Cool pics. I realy like the "Snowboarder Magazine"-esque sequence of the AJ ace.

  2. I didn't know that AJ was a Buck?? On the second shot of the montage it looks like AJ is wearing an antler. Who took the picture? Erin? That is Awesome that you got this picture on an ace throw. I am enjoying the other pictures as well.

    Davey D

  3. Erin, that shot of AJ is incredible.You have to show me how to do that.Maybe I could talk you into a demonstration? I LOVE DISC GOLF PICTS AND VIDEO!!!!!

  4. oopps, that was tom's comment