Monday, March 23, 2009

It always (usually) comes down to one or two shots!

Good People of the Mendocino Frolfer Association,

Well another tournament in the books to keep our record, of consecutive tournaments played, going. Somebody get Cal Ripken Jr. on the phone. For those of you who aren't baseball fans, Cal Ripken Jr., broke a 56 year old record of consecutive games played. This record was held by legendary New York Yankees first baseman, Lou Gehreg. Ripken played in his 2,131st game on September 6, 1995. On that day Ripken Jr. hit a homerun which is exactly what none other than Ft. Bragg's Tom Snyder did on this windy Sunday afternoon (shooting a -5). Ripken Jr. went on to play in many more games and his record now stands at 2,632 consecutive games played. So, with that said I have questions for all those out there in Frolf Blog Land. Does anyone know how many consecutive tourneys we have played? Will Tom Snyder break Rye Bread/J.D. Salinger's record of 3 consecutive tournament wins? Only time will tell. I (Davey D/the dentist) came in second place (shooting a -3) and all I could think about last night was the title of my post: "It always (usually) comes down to one or two shots". As I contemplated laying up a fairly short putt on 17 for bogey I couldn't do it despite the wind and the repercussions of a long miss. I let this wobbley putt fly and it hit the chains and fell out. "Fuck", screams Stein. Luckily the putt didn't roll too far down the hill and I ended with a 4 (which might I add was a respectful score on this day) anyways. I continued to search for an answer, ANY ANSWER, to explain why I wasn't having a playoff with Tommy. There were and are other answers but that will be left for next week gentlemen (and ladies). I am not sure of all the scores but here is what I remember:

Tom: -5 (2 under his hc)
Davey: -3 (1 under my hc)
Rye: +4 (2 over his hc)
Erin: -2 (3 over his hc)
Nate: +18 (12 over his hc)

I forget the rest of the scores. Can somebody (Parksalot or whoever remembers) post the rest of the scores. I will see you soon at a frolf course nearbye.



  1. Go Cal Ripken, Jr. and go Tom Snyder.

    Your impeccable reputation as consistent Sunday frolfers is an inspiration to us all. Keep your heads up lads... those barely-breezy, sunny summer days are just around the corner!

  2. i will never utter my score that day aloud, that being said i have to add that tom is a truly great frolfer. in every way, always helpfull and encouraging. a gracious winner and a good sport. and he really impressed the hell out of me on sunday. good game tom

  3. Word up. Had a lot of fun yesterday. As I said after 18 "tom I hope you win because you deserve it today. Still can't figure out how to post anything here... Kinda sucks I was really inspired last night.

  4. Starky,
    When you are on the blog go to the right hand corner and click on "Sign In" which will either bring you to your profile page or it will ask you to put in your email and password but if you are able to right a comment then you can write a post. When you are on your "Dashboard" or Profile Page click on "New Post" and type away. The New Post is in blue and in a square. If you can't figure this out call Erin Hem Haw as he is the post master and walked me through it.