Monday, April 6, 2009

"may your drives skip where you want them to and your putts stay down"

We all need some help from time to time.  When I was moving from my house in Mendocino, where I could play disc everyday, to my home up here in Inglenook, my pal, and MFC president, Matthew "State Parks" Starkweather was there to offer his truck, trailer and brawn for the transport of my things, on the day after Christmas.  When I was drunk out of my mind on Absinthe and getting roughed up by two trigger-happy New Zealanders down at the Woodlands, who was the dark hero to come to my rescue, even though I was about to get the best of them?  That's right, our very own Nathan "Nate-Dog" Anderson of Anderson Alternatives in Mendocino, that's who.  When "Detroit or Bust" David Stein needed companionship for the last game of the regular season for his beloved Lions, it was Matthew "All park and no bite" Starkweather and yours truly who endured the loss with him.  This is the support of a community.  It's strength lies in the bonds it creates.  No matter how strong that bond may be, it is up to a higher power whether or not your putt will stay down and if that skip and roll will be towards the basket.  Some people believe that if you yell at your disc loud enough, and with enough conviction, then it will respond accordingly and save your shot.   Others say that "body english" or leaning in the direction you want the disc to go will correct its flight path.  A small but dedicated group of people are convinced that saying "luck of the Irish" at just the moment before impact with a tree will kick the disc out into the fairway and out of trouble.  Have we as disc golfers been reduced to the superstition ridden level of the ball golfer?  Luck plays a part in our games but good old fashioned confidence is more powerful than all the shots that bounce around in the tree on #9 and end up next to the hoop.  There was a fair bit of talk at the sunday round of "scores that could have been".  I know I was so frustrated with my "luck" that I picked up an innocent plastic chair and hurled it into the lacrosse field.  The human brain tries to find patterns in life and make judgments based on these patterns.  It is easy to have a few shots chain out and roll down the hill, farther away from the basket than the original shot.  Sometimes shots that hit directly into the center of the basket will ricochet off the pole and onto the ground.  These things happen.  When you think that they are because of some hex on your game, then they will continue to happen.  You loose the confidence to make the shots that count.  Aaron Brun did not have that problem.  When you are playing with the confidence that Aaron has been bringing to the course, your putts don't fall out because you don't let them.  You don't shoot too hard, or too soft.  You don't miss just barely right and chain out, only to blame it on the basket or bad luck.  When you play with the confidence of "The Brun" your shots are calculated and without risk.  That is how you score a handicapped -11.  In second and third respectively were A. "to the M- F'n" J. and D- ricculous with both scores of -4.  That is a record for best handicapped score for Aaron "the gravedigger" Brun.  Time will tell if Brun can keep up the intensity of this score. 

"nobody gives you any respect, anyway they already expect you to write out your check to tax deductible charity organizations" -Bob Dylan


  1. Bready Bread,
    Well said Bready Bread. Well, it looks like we will be supporting B-Run's Whisky and/or Budweiser habit for a couple of weeks until we stop spotting the guy 9 strokes. Especially the way and ease that guy can make it threw the 18...homeboys got it dialed. Well, I have to find some kind of silver lining...I think I took overall with a -6. Did anyone shoot better? Whenever I get a chance to stroke my own chain I gotta take guys understand, right???????


  2. If you stoke the chain its bound to return the favor right? what a great day for disc golf it was, i think everyone was lovin it last sunday, great weather and a good turnout, hopefully my 2 down will widdle my handi back down to a respectable place, b-run is the man to catch, kinda wish i didnt give him all my thumber secrets, jk. his game is getting way better every day, ill be out of town most likely next week, but ill be practicing out in the sierras and up to tahoe so ill bring my a game the week after. also i think ill be out there this afternoon prob 430-500, ill send out a emailto see if anyone can make it

  3. No one is going to mention the week that was not there? What is going on guys? After the mention of Cal Ripkin did you all miss a week? Anyone?
    Hope you are all having fun discin'!

  4. Brodys,
    The week that wasn't...actually was. I wasn't there but word around the campfire and sewing circle saw 5 brave souls fight the wind to find Erin Hemmings shooting a +4 (9 over his handicap and first ever over round for Mr. Hemmings) and receiving the win. Other notables scores were: Tommy shooting a 7 or 8 over and Parks shooting a 17 over and B-Run and his friend Pete not being able to finish certain holes because it was so windy. Brodys-I hope that gives you something to chew on for a while.

  5. Oh how juicy. That is killer guys! Screw the scores you are all brave souls for stepping up to those conditions! Sorry to bring up sore topics guys! Good work! And thanks DaveyD. Crazy a 4 over wins it! Sorry just cant get over how much wind that must have been! Dang guys! Really brave.