Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Return Of The Jim?

Well Fellow Frolfers, Easter Sunday saw the return of Italy's/Mendocino's own James B. Eldridge (and you better believe that B stands for Birdie) . James showed up on the scene: wind blown, weather beaten, and jet lagged but that didn't stop him nor did it stop this author and 4 other eager disc golfers from skipping out on the traditional egg hunts and silly bunny games. The round had 2 CTP prizes, one for hole 9 and one for hole 12 which got pushed to hole 13 due to Parkweather's (he donated this prize) park job. The disc golfers on this day included this author (David), Jimmy, Park N' Pay, Nate Dizzle, Vincenzo, and B-Runoffski. Vincenzo took home the first CTP prize (I forget the prize...Jim, can you help me?) and Jimmy, beating me out by several micro-inches, took home $10 generously donated by Parks. We all played together rapping and carrying on until the last several holes where things began to tighten up and the players started to metaphorically position themeselves in for the win. Standing on hole 18, I was in the lead at 5 under my handicap and Nate DizDiz and B-Run were on my tail (Easter Pun) at 4 under their handis. The 3 of us missed the uprights and I pulled out the win by one stroke over Nate Dog. Jimmy and Parksalot both made the uprights and pulled out birdies. The scores were as follows:

DaveyD: -7 (4 under handi)
Nate Dog: +4 (3 under handi)
Vincenze: even (1 under his handi)...I think
Parks: even (1 under handi)
Jimmy: -5 (even with handi)...not to shabby Jim for not playing for 1-2 months.
B-Run: I forget...someone help me.

see ya.


  1. YO: Vince's CTP, brought by me, was a four-pack of fine brewski, which he bolted before receiving.

    And I THINK B-Run ended up at 5 over gross, 1 under his handicap, due to a now-uncharacteristic blow-up 7 on 18.

    Nice to be back! Now I've got to remember how to play...

  2. Thanks Jimmy for the info. Does anyone, besides Erin HemHaw, know how to change the picture on the blog?? It should be noted that B-Run graciously decided to help out the field and lower his handicap from +9 to +6. If B-Run would of played at his normal handicap he would of tied with me at 4 under his handicap.