Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warm ups for the KOA Jam

"They say that no one is perfect. Then they say practice makes perfect. I wish they would make up their minds." Word up Winston C.! There is no perfect, but you can get really close with practice. Just like you guys can hit under at the high school, with practice you can hit those scores at the KOA course.
So we went and practiced on Friday. Jim, Davey the Dentist, D-money, Roy, Rusty, and myself B of the Brody arrived at the KOA on a cool windy afternoon. We decided we should play a skins round. So as you probably know skins is a little different than your regular over all low score wins. This is a game of big birds, not the kind from Sesame St. These shots were for all or nothing. We started out with a round of big 2's that stole my "headbanger" on one. Over on hole two Derrick made us start working and no one was ready for the job. He took the first two skins with ease. We made the climb up to the long hole 3 where Jim showed us how to drive for a bird or ace with his Roadrunner. Even with the great drive the putt was a little long and left Jim and others with a still happy 3. We went on taking the skin out from each other. Made it past six with six dry disc, and the skin total adding up. On and on the holes went adding a skin with each. What a good skins round! So we come to hole 15 "The Saddle" if you will. Get on top and get ready to go for a ride. I was excited for this hole unlike some by the sounds of it. I was first up and this is for 13 skins. I fall short, but in the fair way and know I have a sealed 3. D-money steps up and out throws me. Derrick had the only real bird look. With Davey in the woods and Roy and Jim past me, I think to myself "Self, D has an easy 3 there goes my bucket of skins." At the same time Derrick is not only ready for his shot but he has handed me his camera so he could relive this moment over and over. Listen to the howl. Scary.

Oh I forgot Rusty landed his up shot dead in the can. The trash can. He is waiting to putt in the video.
That was that all of our money given to the one we nicknamed D-MONEY! Of course the round was not over and it really doesn't matter. But here it is anyway. Davey went on to take the next 2 skins with a nice bird on 17. Davey and I were tied for overall going into the 18th and I took the victory only because Davey really wanted that last skin. I also won the last skin in a CTP round with my rare flick. It was a wonderful round with ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Old people asking lots of questions and Yoda farting on the ride home. I will leave you with this: Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.
-Mary Ann Radmacher
With this creed or quote and some more trips to Willits the MFC will be unstoppable at the Pro-Am Jam. Thanks guys!


  1. D Money,

    Great putt! I was actual in the woods when this putt went down and didn't see it...just heard the cheers. What disc did you use? A putter? It doesn't look like a putter in the video.

  2. i used my roc its a 180 and seems to handle the wind better