Monday, March 16, 2009

On a day like this anything could happen!

~ The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain. ~
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

That being said the other best thing one can do is to play disc golf! And play disc golf a few of us did. I came for one more tournament of my vacation. To join Derrick or D-Money as the magazines may read some day, Erin, George "Rustyfari", Good Ole Roy, and A.J., Nate came and he was not having it! Can I blame him? Maybe. Any how conveniently most of the core members were busy this very wet afternoon.

So we tee off in one happy moist group and it kinda got ugly. I know I was very happy to end with a par and Derrick actually had to write down a 4 after hole one. Erin did not birdie if that says anything for the day. Any how we went on about our business of frolfing. I can say for myself that rubber boots and rain coat suck for disc golf. I also can state that they have no effect on D-Money! He rocked the course after that 4. He went on to shoot a -1 on the front 9 to tie the sometimes seemingly nonhuman Erin Hemmings. Good job on that D.
~ The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. ~
-Dolly Parton

The second half of the round is a little blurry, my glasses were covered in rain. George just played without the aid of his optical items. I do however remember Erin hitting the goal post on 12 and the disc still had enough behind it to over shoot the basket. Crazy! Roy lost a disc on 14 so keep your eyes out guys. We have made it to 18 and AJ has one stroke on Derrick. Everyone misses the uprights on this crazy day. But wait did one of us miss on purpose? Did one of us know that 18 can be a easy 3 or a tear jerker 5? After a week of talking about it. Derrick did what many of us should do. He laid up on 18 and walked with a easy par. He actually almost nailed the long through the uprights bird.
Any how we have a tie! AJ and Derrick. Erin Hemmings took a unhappy third. Recording his worst highschool round in its 7 years of existance. A sad day for him.
" I love walking in the rain, no one knows when I am crying."
So what do we do for the tie? We do what is going to get us in our cars and on our way home the fastest. We decide CTP to hole 6. Derrick steps up and blazes a low drive right over the top of the hill and just then the south wind steps in and does its job lifting it ever so slightly over the top of those pesky soccer goals and lets the low speed fade park the disc within arms reach of the basket. "Its over AJ" "You can try" we shouted. The only way he was taking the money home today was if he took out that magic cobra and aced it. That did not happen. So with a great round and a wonderfull play off Derrick is this weeks winner! Good job buddy! You stood up to the weather and AJ's laser beam putts and took home the loot!

This is a fond farewell for now! Thank you all so much for a great time in Willits! Thank you Jim for throwing down a great tourny! Thanks for teaching me liars dice. I hope to take some of your money someday! Yeah you Davey"liars dice" Stien. Cant wait to get back down this spring.
"We will never be an advanced civilization as long as rain showers can delay the launching of a space rocket."

-George Carlin


  1. Seriously a wet are definitely all official die-hard frolf ers! Thanks for the write-up Bryan~

  2. I was beginning to get worried that there wasn't a tourney this weekend because I didn't see a write up...thanks Brody. Sounds like a brutal round. Nice win D Money! Where was B-Run to defend his Willit's title? Erin (Hem Haw), can you put a picture of D Money on the blog? Brody, it was good having you back...have fun shredding.


  3. Hey David, hope your having a good time in Tahoe.
    The tourney was a bitch. My hands were so cold I could not squeeze the zipper on my jacket to unzip it! Crazy..
    BTW Every week, the winner gets their photo as the cover.

  4. Erin,
    I wasn't in Tahoe I was in San Francisco and now I'm back. It looks like rain this week but I would like to get out there some time?? I am not sure what day but I will put out an email or call folks. That is a sweet shot of D Money...hole 15 Willits, right? See ya soon.