Monday, February 23, 2009

I made my Putts!

Well, the 22nd day of February of the year 2009 saw 4 brave men withstand a fierce south wind and some wet weather. Those 4 men among men were your author (Davey D), the ace champion from two weeks ago (Vince), Nate Dog Nathan Anderson, and one James Eldgride, who traveled all the way from Arcata to play in this round. Looking back on my round there were 6 important shots, 4 of which were putts. After grinding out a par on hole 1 the first important shot occurred. I was looking at an easy putt on any other day but on this day a definate easy miss (especially for me) but I stood near the track and as I let it go the beautiful sound that so many Frolfers know happend...CHING. Jim said it best, "don't give it a chance to miss". I hammered the MFer in there. After birdieing hole 3, I attempted to send a big hyzer out on hole 4 but fell short. I stood in between the burn pile and the Excite Bike mound (on the other side of the Excite Bike mound as if I picked up my old school Nintendo control and made a sweet jump). Anyways, back to disc golf...I attempted to lay up but that south wind knocked my feeble attempt down. I was looking at a tough par save but I have a feeling y'all know how this story is going to end...yes I made an important par save which was my 2nd important shot. I parred hole 5 and my 3rd important shot was birdieing hole 6 for which I stood on the hillside short of the basket but once again made my putt for birdie. After parring 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 I was 3 under which was a pretty good score on this day. After a crazy disc flight and a weird roll I stood to the right side of the basket (if your looking at it from the tee box) as the wind was whipping I sent the putt slightly to the left hoping the wind would whistle it into the chains and falling into the basket...I was right and made my birdie. I parred 13, 14, and 15 and I stood (barely, because the wind was pushing us back) on hole 16 eyeing this like a hawk would eye a lowly field mouse. I picked up my destroyer and threw it straight at the sonofabitch. PARKED. Yes, I birdied hole 16...maybe my shot of the day. I bogeyed hole 17 (only bogey of the day) and my last important shot was throwing my disc through the uprights as Jason Hanson, field goal kicker for the Detroit Lions, has done so many times but my shot was for a winning effort (unlike the winless Lions of last the way Jason Hanson is one of the best field goal kickers in your research and then come talk to me). I ended up parring hole 18 bringing me to a 4 under for the day. Thank you for joining me on my journey. So, the scroes were as follows:

David-4 under...2 under my handicap
Nate--8 over.....1 over his handicap
Jim---Even........6 over his handicap
Vince-9 over......7 over his handicap.

P.S. Check your email I am going to send a mass email about ideas for a tourney in Willits on Sunday March 8th.

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  1. yeah .. i wimped out . to wet. willits sounds like a good idea we got to get our practice on boys