Monday, February 9, 2009

idea; logo design contest

so i sit here this nippy morn sippin my coffee thinkin again about this idea. Tom mentioned to me once and i think it would be really great, if we could come up with some sort of logo for the mendo frolf club. one idea i had was to hold a contest for it. i thought that involving the community a little more might be a good way too help keep the course in good standing with the school, and the rest of the community. i also thought that we could gather any donations at the sunday tourneys for this idea and others. even a buck or so from some of the players would add up quick enough. i would be happy to donate some flow for this idea. a prize of mayby 200$ to the logo design contest winner would sure bring in a lot of great art to choose from i thinkin. i think we could talk to the art teacher at the school and have him/her announce it to the art class and we could hang up some flyers around town. mayby eventually we could even order some discs with the logo or t shirts, stickers or something.

also these would be great prizes if we ever had a bigger tourney out there, with divisions for high school kids and newby locals,if we could pull off a charity tourney sometime i think it would be much more unlikely for them to take out the baskets ever. maybe starting next year we could have our own mendo ice bowl.

just some ideas, i know im newer to the club so mayby this has all been talked about before. but i would appreciate knowin what yall think


  1. There is no ice in Mendo! But I think you are on to something! Good ideas sir.

  2. Great idea Derek - the club could surely use an official logo. i don't know if we have any artists among the group, but our town is full of them! great idea to tap into all the local talent. i think $200 is a lot of money - $50 prize would be above and beyond acceptable in my opinion. what do others think?

    Jim Jennings teaches the Ultimate PE class at the high school- you guys could talk to him about getting high schoolers more involved on a regular basis...

    good topics for the next club meeting.

  3. oh yeah.... and mmmmmmm coffee!

  4. Nice topic Derrick-
    I like the idea of a logo. Would we all vote on the winning entry? Has anyone ever done any silk screening? It would save us a lot of $ if we could produce our own t-shirts and discs. If we were to order logo printed discs they cost 20-25 bucks, which makes turning a profit nearly impossible. The club needs a way to earn a bit of money and this seems like a good way. Also if we skimmed 10% for the club off of every weeks winnings that would add up quick

  5. there sure are alot of artist in mendo, so im sure we could get a lot of great designs.i think a vote for the winning design is perfect.50$ aint much these days especially in mendo, thats like lunch and a beer for 2, i thought a slightly larger chunk of change would get more people exited maybe 100$? i have always liked the idea of printing t shirts, ive seen several silk screen presses on craigslist lately... interesting.or maybe we could approach some of our local print shops and see if anybody's interested in helping. I also think the 10% idea is good. what.. thats like 50 cents out of our five, small price to pay. what about those boonville aviars im sure those didnt cost them 20 bucks?just bouncin some ideas off. im glad that theres some interest

    when is the next club meeting anyways?