Thursday, February 19, 2009

New skins record

Well it is with great shame and recrimination that I report a record for most skins.  After a horrendous round by both Dave and myself, wherein I alone missed 7 makable putts, the easiest two of which would have netted me 5 skins, Erin ended up taking home 15 skins.  He seemed somewhat embarrassed by this, given the pathetic performances of his opponents, but a record is a record is a record.  I will say that I have a memory of taking home an even greater number of skins against Davey and Matthew, but that was pre-blog.  So post up the 15, Erin--Dave and I deserve the humiliation.  But we will rise and take you down in similar fashion soon enough!


  1. Also, the one-disc-only record isn't valid, as 1) it was done solo, and 2) there are better solo records. But thanks.

  2. Jim-
    I forgot who received the other 3 skins, can you remind me? Thanks

  3. Jim,

    For the one-disc-only record what and who are the better scores?


    Don't you remember my putt on hole 18 for Par to capture the 3 remaining skins?

    Dr. D

  4. Apparently Erin shot a 12 or 13 down with his Firebird, playing by himself. Erin, can you verify?

  5. OH YEAH, Sorry bro.
    That was a sweet putt.