Monday, February 2, 2009

Steinmaster D's Near Ace on 18 & other stuff

Great SB XLII frolf tournament everyone. Here are a few vids for the records.

Davey's Near ACE!

Jim Eldridge for the lead & the dough.

Tom drives the disc damn well, lefty!
This guy deserves some sort of award for his
ambi skills..


  1. It hurts. They just both hurt so bad.

    Just wondering why Matt has not recorded his speed round! The day we were down he was raging it! 28 minutes and a -3. I dont know the math but that seems pretty good.

  2. Thanks for the record update. Matthew didn't say anything about it Sunday, maybe he wants to better his score first..
    I can't wait to give this speed frolf thing a try. Sorry I missed your visit, hope to see you next time.

  3. Brodys,

    Thanks for staying in touch with us and posting.


    Thanks for putting up the video footage. Damn, I can't believe I hit the basket. FYI-Jim and I played a speed round on Tuesday night but I am not sure of the will have to ask Jim but I think it was 30 something minutes and I think I shot a 7 under and he shot 4 under.


  4. So yes, David and I played a dual speed round. The scores were as follows:

    We finished in 29 min, 51 secs. Although we haven't made a rule, I assume that rounds up to 30 mins (and would have rounded down to 29 if we had been 29:29 or faster). Dave shot a 7 down, I shot a (measly) 4 down. So as I see it, we have two new records: Dave now holds the speed record, with a 77. And Dave and I hold the first-ever doubles speed record with a 127. Speed golf fun!

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  6. I have added the records. I think the seconds should count as is and not rounded. Also, Lindsey brought up a good point. The speed doubles should be played like regular doubles using "best shot". Makes sense.

    My unobserved, unofficial speed round score today was 61.

  7. Hmmm, why can't we have both? Best shot doubles and double round doubles? Mo records, mo better, I say! Speaking of, Linz has got to get workin on establishing that chick record!

    Incidentally, I watched the video of me missing the putt to tie for the dough, and I saw the same thing that baffled me at the time: my putt, which was to a basket slightly above me and directly into a strong breeze, got pushed DOWN by the breeze. Check it out. That is essentially unexplainable. I think the big guy in the sky just decided to give the dough to Davey that day.