Monday, February 2, 2009

Damn that felt good!

As we tallied the scores after 9, I (David) quizically stated, "Wow, Larry is 3 under his handicap, Vince is 3 under his handicap, I am 3 under my handicap, Jim is 3 under his handicap, and Derrick is 4 under his handicap". As the round progressed I birdied hole 10 and 12 to only chain out of 13 and 14 leaving me with 2 unsettled pars. After 14 all members on our card were still in contention. Derrick unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are rooting for in this story) threw hole 15 deep in the woods and ended up getting a 4 (I think). I missed my putt and with all the determination and anger I have seen in this man in some time Uncle Jim nailed quite a long putt over the chained link fence and some wooden posts. After 16 we were still all pretty much in contention. Now I ask for y'all to put your visualization hats on and let me take you for a ride of David Stein's last 2 holes. My drive on 17 was less than stellar and I stand alone in practically the middle of the field. What does one David Stein do but go to his bread and butter...that's right folks the ole Banshee but I wish I could tell you what I did a couple months ago which is birdie this hole but, NO I can't tell you this...I can only tell you that I ended up looking a long putt upwards for which I, in turn, nailed IT. This gained some cheers from the visiting Ukiah folk and a remark from Jim that went something like this, "I thought I had you". Well Jim...keep thinking because not on this day buddy. Jim in turn also made his par putt. Jim and I sat upon hole 18 looking down and the judges urging us to throw. Jim sits at 9 under (4 under his handicap) and David sits at 7 under (4 under his handicap). David throws I am watching my beatiful Banshee fly through the air I calmly state, "make a run". No sooner then I utter those words, Bang, the disc hits the basket, inches away from a hole in one. Jim looks at me with both congratulations and disgust because he now knows that he has to birdy if he wants a shot at the coveted win. Jim throws and "It's Good" state the on-lookers. Jim has a putt to make. David calmly drains his putt and on 6 out of 7 days Jim makes this high pressured putt, but I guess today was the seventh day and what I learned growing up was that God rested on the seventh day. What does this mean? Does Jim have a God Complex or did he not get enough rest last night so he had to make up for it by resting on this day and putt? I don't have the answer just more questions....

With all that said, Jim shot a helluva round-9 under (nice round Jimmy) and won the overall crown.

Can someone put the scores on the blog.

Erin, I am dying to the see the video footage of my near ace. Can you put it up on the blog?

Have fun next week guys I will be in Seattle and unable to defend my crown. Good Luck!


  1. Nice job Dave! Are you driving up north or flying? If you are driving we could meet up for around in Portland or something! If not travel safe and have fun. Has anyone aced 18 that we know of?

  2. I hit the pole one time...dang it was close!

  3. Brodys,

    We are flying to Seattle on Thursday bad we aren't driving that sounds fun to meet up. I know of one person (Ryan's friend-Spoon) that has aced hole 18. Erin, have you aced this hole or know of anyone else? Matthew missed the uprights and aced it but it didn't count because he didn't go through the uprights. On the B course Jim went through the uprights and hit the chains dead center but bounced out...that is all I know about aces and near aces.