Sunday, November 30, 2008

It was just my day..

It feels damn good to finally win. It's an interesting system, this whole handicap thing. Even though we play against each other, it's really just your handi that your battling.

It was beautiful once again, and there was a big turnout of 15. We split into three groups and did a traditional tournament start with each group starting at a different hole. This worked well at first, but we found ourselves crossed up too much, anyone have a better method?

Here is the wrap up:
Erin (me) won the handicap pool ($60!) with -13 bh and a-6 after handicap.
Bryan placed second ($10) after a three way playoff against Rusty and Brian with a -4 bh & ah.
No aces this week, although Mathew kissed some chains on 15.

I'm heading north this week up into Oregon and beyond. I'm definitely going to play some disc and I will be blogging it up when I get back. Thanks for a great day!


  1. Good job Erin. And we have to give honorable mention to Rusty, that guys is in the running every week. I couldn't think of a better sport at coming so close. Keep up the good work Rusty. The pot and a low handi will be yours someday soon.

  2. You (thankfully) neglected to mention that despite birdying the first 6 holes, Jim's putting was so bad that he finished at 5 under...