Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Shot Gun Start? A Tie?

"A pitcher of Racer 5" says someone.  The sound of dice in a cup hitting the table.  "Who is closest to the door"?  "Eight 6s" says "the person closest to the door. 

30 minutes before

"So what your saying is we showed up to tournament and David and Erin took all the money" -ParkWeather
"We can't split the ace pot just because I put in a dollar for you" -Davey D
"Yeah, that is what we are doing" -Erin Hemmings

Approximately 2 1/2 hours before

Conditions:  cold, wet, a little drizzly, southish wind

Participants:  JeremyEpic, UkiahGeorge, Hemulous, ItaliaJim, Parky, Rye Bread, Davey D

Course:  B

Other Info:  Bag Tag Challenge

Cards:  Jeremy, George, and Hemmies tee off first on hole 1.  Davey, Jim, Parky, and Rye tee off 8 minutes later on hole 1. 

Just prior to our tee off we witness Erin skip ace hole 2.  As you may have guessed by clues earlier in this write up, I, Davey D, put in a dollar for Hemmies' ace pot and as some people (those smart and witty) say well, if you ace I get half.  I in fact did say this and Hemmies obliged and gave me half the ace pot...Thanks Hems.  If you are doing the math (and as Rye Bread pointed out) Hemmies was 3 under after 2 holes.  The round was played and we finished in the dark.  The boys went up to Parky's truck to see who won and see what bag tags got switched around.  Unbelievable, everybody left with the same tags they came with.  After tallying the handicaps both Davey D and Hemmies finished 3 under their handicap.  Instead of playing what probably would of turned out to be 100 holes, we decided to split the winnings and take our fine earned money to the clubhouse...Splattys. 

P.S. I enjoy the new Ice Bowl picture on the blog.  By the way is that AJ?  Thanks!


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  1. Is that AJ taking the death putt? It looks like it is going to sail right over the top of the basket.