Monday, January 9, 2012

Wip Wins Won

B-Course has a whole new effect on the MCFC sunday disc golf tournament.

After plenty rounds and now more chances for practice, our B-Course tourney is settling into its own rhythm. This sunday, with a strong showing, Wip scored even par (-9 handi) and out-shined the field to win his first MCFC tournament.

Having followed his round from the same card, I am qualified to report on his game. Solid. Equal birdies to bogies and lots of clean pars. Watch out for this guy. Using his patented S-turn-ape-flicky-flick, he parked a few of the trickier shots and set himself up to defend his birdies. Starting out on hole 7, birdie. Tone pole? Huge par save from the dirt mound with no tone. NO TONE! IT'S NOT GOOD! YOU GOTTA GET THE TONE TO CALL IT GOOD! Wrong. Wip landed one on top of the gong and muted the tone with a good par. Through the tree line on 10, no problem. Parked on the Mendo Mando... you guessed it, S-turn-ape-flicky-flick. Off the top-of-the world, S-turn-blah-blah-blah. The hits just kept coming. 14... might've been an ace run. Great round, great play. It might have been the end of the rain (NWS just announced that rain will no longer be a forecast option. They will report only on chance of fog, partly sunny or sometimes partly cloudy. Use of the word "rain" in any forecast will be edited into more accurate verbage) or conditions that allow for wearing shorts 24/7 but Wip showed up and that wins the money in our club. Second place went to the author with a -4 (-7 handicapped ((9 birdies and 5 bogies))). Nice round everyone and I look forward to getting the leather tags ready for play. .......................This just in...................C-Course next week................Tune up time.................get your mind right......................good luck.
aloha, pau


  1. We need a Wip picture. Anyone got one? Wip, if you have one and can't post it, email it to me.

  2. I think Erin has a pic available. If not, I have one I can send.

  3. Wow, wicked win wip! Rye, thanks for the post/write up. C course ought to be interesting. MCFCers, bring your arms and your approach shots. Parks, can you bring the flags next week so we can mark the boxes for C? Thanks! Oh, did Darryl Hannah show up to Patterson's last night? I heard she is in town shooting the sequel to Shark Swarm.