Friday, January 20, 2012

Boontown Showdown, Bar B Q, and Hems the Wind Tamer!

Boontown Showdown = I am looking forward to playing. I hope it doesn't rain. Everyone bring CTP prizes. There will be a Bar B Q in between rounds for a small fee. Can't Wait!

Bar B Q = Don't bring your lunch...there will lunch at the brewery. This way people don't have to run into town and pay $10 for a sandwich.

Hems the Wind Tamer = Sorry Jody Brody but Hems shot -6 (3 over his handicap) in the 100 mile per hour howlin' wind to win last week's tournament. Ogre came in 2nd and won $10. Alex came in a close 3rd. No one shot under there handicap.

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  1. everyone read my post...please...and then comment on the artistry...

  2. looking forward to it, ill b there rain or shine,