Monday, April 15, 2013

Bruce Springsteen, monkey off backs, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott

I would like to personally thank Bruce Springsteen, the monkey that jumped off my back, Tobey Stein, and Adam Scott for my win on Sunday April 14, 2013.  Bruce Springsteen?  Why you may ask...It appears that anytime Davey D listens to Bruce Springsteen the day of tournament he either wins or comes in second.  I would like to name the monkey Ralph and thank him for getting the FUCK off my back yesterday and allowing me to win a Mendo Tournament.  Tobey Stein is my baby sister and it was her birthday yesterday and the vibes were flowing back and forth. 

What do David Stein and Adam Scott have in common? 

1.  They both won a tournament on Sunday April 14, 2013.
2.  There are 3 total syllables in their first and last names.
3.  The both have the astrological sign of Cancer.
4.  They are both very handsome Caucasian men. 
5.  They are both skinny.

Somewhat of a conversial ending came into play yesterday when Big Arm (not to be confused with Big Foot) AKA Hems threw OB (or is it) in the parking lot and he wasn't sure if the parking lot was OB on A course.  He played a provisional (he played the hole as if it weren't OB and scored a 3) and played it as OB and scored a 5.  This would have made a difference in the handicapped tournament becuase we would have tied for best handicap score at -3.  Who was at our last meeting?  Not at the small course design meeting but the meeting prior where we decided to make the parking lot and tennis courts OB?  The question the parking lot OB on A course or just B and C and is it written down in the meeting notes?



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Record...I think.

For goodness sakes will someone put a picture of Erin Hemmings on the blog?  The dude broke the C course record and shot -10 on a half dry/half rainy C course round on Sunday 4/7/13. 

Aftermath = House (who shot an impressive even round) and Hems tied for handicap round and played a 4 hole playoff only to see Hemmies win it on hole 9 A course.  The hole before this (A course hole 8) House threw a turn over shot that Schmanged out of the chains.  Parks, Tups, myself, Hems, and House heard this wonderous noise and ran up to the basket only to see the disc NOT in the basket but laying right next to it.  Nice shot House!

P.S. The week before = B course doubles round...Tups and Davey D took down Parkweather and Baseball Jessi.  I forgot the exact scores??    


Saturday, April 6, 2013

cr course update

Hi guys, i met with the dean at the college the other day, he wanted to let us know that even though the future of the college is uncertain he believes the course is safe. He thinks that the three possible scenarios are this. 1 the college stays open and they lease out the western buildings to the montessori school, in which case there would be a fence built by those buildings that would probably not affect the course very much. 2 the college is sold to another school institution like mendocino college  which would probably not affect the course either, or 3 the school just shuts down then the course would be fine too. He also wanted to just make clear the work the club has done out there for whoever is in charge in the future so they know all that we have done out there. i have sent him a letter detailing all the improvements we have done. including the new baskets. so if by some off chance whoever is in charge decides they don't want a course there we will be able to remove the new baskets, i believe if that did happen they should be offered to the sponsor that paid for them first along with the picnic tables that the platinum sponsors paid for as well.
Also he agreed to make the club the official "stewards" of the course. Which means that MCFC via the fort bragg course design and maintenance committee make the decisions out there. any major changes to the property will still need to be cleared with the dean or whoever is in charge, I think that this is great because it sets a standard hopefully to prevent random people from going out there and chopping a tree down they don't think should be there or whatnot and it gives more recognition to our club.

also I will be gone a lot this summer as usual so i would love it if some people could step up and handle some improvements out there. Please anyone who thinks they could find some time contact me, there are a lot of projects to be done out there from big to little, and i would love it if we could keep the ball rollin out there, also there are still tee sign sponsorships available, 150$ gets you or your business name on a tee sign and we could really use some more $ coming in so if you have any ideas that would be awesome

Friday, April 5, 2013

In the aftermath

May 9, 2013

No one knew it would come to this.  After the first strike, everyone thought it would be over.  It wasn't.  After the second strike everyone thought there would never be an over.  They were right.
Under the cover of disc towels and rain jackets, one man persevered.  If it weren't for his training and experience in hucking plastic discs around in the rain, all of humanity would be lost.  From under their own noses, the provocateurs were destroyed with a Blizzard Destroyer armed with an impact triggered nuclear device the size of a dime.  With the leaders out of the way our hero was left with only the multitudes of soldiers roaming undirected and unrestrained and un-unarmed.
"Beware of the depth charges dropped from enemy John-Boats."  The words remind him of the last time he saw a friend alive.  Diving for his protein, he finds more dangers from above than down below.  The sharks are his friends.  They don't hunt him.  They don't wish him ill.  They just feed and he just avoids them.  Life would be so simple if it were that easy.
Opening his bag he sees only 12 Aviars left.  One wizard (they suck anyway) and all the Blizzy he would need to restore freedom to this, the fallen country.  With his discs armed and ready for anything, he sets out into the guts of the enemy's encampment...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday tourney time change

Mendo tourney will now be starting at 3:30!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lets all go play this tourney!!

        Highland Springs Basket Cases Presents
      Steady Ed” Headricks Annual Birthday Bash
            PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event In Lakeport, Ca
                      June 8th & 19th 2013
Questions Call Shayne 707-263-3210 or E-Mail us    
$1500 added cash to all Open Divisions plus a commemorative mini disc
$500 added prize money to all Amateur Divisions plus a commemorative disc & mini
Pool A 2 rounds Saturday & 1round Sunday (Player’s meet at 9am in the park)
Pool B 2 rounds Saturday & 1 round Sunday(Player’s meet at10am in the park)
Pool assignments are subject to change due to the size of divisions so show up early!!
Base Fee
Nor-Cal &Club Fee

Total Fees
OPEN                                                                   {MPO}
$3 +
   $7 +
OPEN MASTER                                                     {MPM}
$3 +
   + $7 +
OPEN GRANDMASTER                                         {MPG}
$3 +
  + $7 +
OPEN SENIOR GRANDMASTER                           {MPS}
$3 +
   + $7 +
OPEN WOMEN                                                        {FPO}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
ADVANCED                                                         {MA1}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
ADVANCED MASTER                                            {MM1}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
ADVANCED GRANDMASTER                                {MG1}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
ADVANCED WOMEN                                            {FW1}              
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
AMATEUR 2                                                       {MA2}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
RECREATIONAL                                                  {MA3}
+ $3 +
   + $7 +
Need at least 3 players to make any division above or to add any division!!!                        
Add $10 if you are not a PDGA Member or if you have not paid your PDGA fees for the year!!!
Add $10 per person to Total Entry Fee if you are planning to camp at my house!!!
You can also sign up at and fill out the formUNTILL JUNE 6th

Saturday & Sunday BBQ Lunch for $5 also Sunday after last round free Birthday Cake
Raffle for a Mach 3 portable basket & CTP prizes & maybe mini ace run for mini basket

Please send in the whole flyer with TOTAL ENTRY FEE     Don’t send a check after June 1st

Make checks payable to: Lake County Disc Golf Club
                                      C/O Shayne Dillahunty
                                        4055 Highland Springs Rd.
                                       Lakeport, Ca 95453

Standard Disclaimer and Declaration of Non-Liability
The Tournament Sponsors, Directors, County Of Lake and Property Owners if you are camping and all the affiliates of this event cannot be held responsible for any Accidents, stolen property, lost discs, lost minds, natural or un-natural disasters, acts of God or the Devil, bites from rattlesnakes, evil green keepers, wild disc golfers or badly played disc golf in general !!!!

Signature______________________________________________________ Division__________________________________




Thursday, February 28, 2013

The FB course should retain shot variety throughout the changes and improvements being made. Support is needed in modifying 3 of the original front 9, as well as 1 Icebowl hole to all have mandatory left to right or straight flight routes. The old back nine is not viable anymore, but these mando shots will help replace awesome holes like 11 and 15 from the old back nine.

Tone pole positions will also attempt to balance shot types and may include 2-3 additional holes from what is shown on the map.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FIrst chance to reg for 2013

Hey y'all just a reminder- we will be meeting tomorrow, thursday at 4 pm at the fort bragg DGC for your first chance to join the MCFC for 2013.  For $35 new members will recieve a bag tag, mini, and sweet hot-stamped discraft disc.  For $45 you can get 2 discs.  We will then play disc to figure out the bag tags...Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Players Results: 88 players biggest turnout yet!!!
open: 18 
Erin Hemmings 116
dallas 118
davey d 130
dan h 131
matt f 132
javiar 136
jeremy center 137
derrick r 138
josh L 138?
nez 139
matthew s 139
jesse a 142
rye bread 143
jim eldridge 143
mike 146
chris caudle 146
rocky 148

womens: 10
jessica 165
jenna 173
anna c 175
vanessa 195
talerra 227
franny, alice, bronwyn, shelly, and marina decide to play one round

advanced: 12
ukiah joe 128
tupper 129
dennis hull 135
sam 136
george wright 147
aj 151
mattman 153
bob r 154
josh house 154
c mac 159
ty 162
robert dnf

intermediate: 29
wip 135
hawk 138
ben 140
levi 141
donnie 142
chris v 145
bill g 145
andreas p 146
daniel h 146
jj 146
jeremy h 148
dylan l 149
ivan 150
garret 150
darren b 151
kyle 152
dave 153
grant 154
larry jr 154
peaches 156
ryan t 156
carlos 157
euan p 157
kevin 160
ceasar 161
drew 168
jarod l dnf
greg dnf
ryan s dnf

recreational 12
adam 148
tyler 149
jose 152
kevin (meatball) 152
justin 159
alex 163
andrew 163
gabby 165
mike c 172
brandon 187
bob 222
jon dnf

rec grandmasters 3
bruce 166
Larry senior 169
tom 176

ryan 152
john b 163
jevyn 172
jack 193

donation results to come soon

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ukiah Sun Bowl

The weather was prime, the wind was scarce, and "the coast/MCFC" came to play.  It was an absolute beautiful day and shortly after tee off, I was warm in my puma pants and skull cap.  I quickly put on my ball cap and finished the round one over which was tied with Eric Langton but 4 strokes back of the one they call Levi who shot a hot 1st round of -3.  David Guzman took my card at 4 under.  The phrases I heard based on my round/shots at low gap were:  "Davey D, too hot", "you almost aced it and then it was gone down the hill", "Davey D, nice putt/par save".  3 bogeys, 2 birdies, and the rest pars was my round.  Coming back to tournament central with neither my head held high or my head held low I learned that Lt. Dan/Dan the Man was atop the Advanced Division at 6 under.  The word, "BAGGER" was thrown around quite a bit but who am to say.  A quick lunch and the second round commenced.      

Shorts and a Boonville t-shirt was the atire for the second round.  I quickly learned I was on the chaser care with Langton, Dirka, a Ukiah guy named Ben, and a Ukiah guy named Donald.  I must say that Dirka putted very well.  The phrases that I heared based on my shots were:  "Too hot", "Oh, shit its down the hill and out of bounds", and silence.  The second round we played every hole at a different tee location making it harder for some and easier for others especially if you have a thumber.    Well, 4 over wasn't what I hoped for but that is what I got especially after going out of bounds on a hole and scoring a 5P.  Anyways, the hightights of the MCFC were:

Levi took 2nd place in Am 2
Erin Hemmings took 3rd place in Pro and
Lt. Dan/Dan the Man took 1st place in Am 1

I forgot to mention that Dan the Man aced hole 18 on the second round and was thouroughly congratulated by Ukiah folk and Coast folk.

Whoever wants to fill in the gaps (get it-low gap) over the winners or there own round please do so.  Lets go MCFC...lets represent for the FORT BRAGG ICE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Otter Open Shocker!

A couple of MCFCers went down to the Otter Open last weekend to represent, and HOLY SHITBALLS, one of 'em knocked it out the box!!!  Check the results, keeping an eye out for the Advanced Masters division, and the name Starkweather!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Mile Revival

Last Saturday, mendo coast disc golfers were treated to the first installment in about a year of the "MCFC Special Tourney".  Hawk Stevers spearheaded an effort to create a safari course on private property up the Ten-Mile River.  This has been the fourth (correct me if I'm wrong) safari course used in special tourney play.  The first being Erin's "Pond Course" followed by my "Joey Memorial 2-par", followed by the Mendo "APE" and now we have the "Ten Mile Revival".  I LOVE THIS SHIT!  Let this be a revival of the Special Tourney in all its glory.  We have fun tournaments on the horizon and lots in more in development. 

The Ten Mile Revival course used the topography of the land to create tough putts, the tightness of the trees to shrink the available birdie window and designed OB to brutalize the scores. 

I was stoked to be out playing a new course in our backyard with the mendo/fort bragg regulars.  There was a whole new bag of shots needed to score on the revival set-up and two rounds just wasn't enough.  I bet I'm not the only one who wants a few more runs at that island.  Let's support any efforts to pursue the use of that land and anywhere else our club can find to set up temporary courses.

Thanks Hawk and anyone else that helped in the setup and breakdown.  Add your TMR accounts on the comments.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highland Springs Ice Bowl

    In a flash of deviance, I decided to enter a tournament at a course I had never played.  Considering that Highland Springs is widely considered the first "Disc Golf Course", I chose to abandon caution and enter for the experience. 
    In conversation I had learned that the course offers technical tree shots, albeit short ones, thumber opportunities as well as some wide open hucks.  In play I learned all of these things and more.  With pins in their long positions, my best drives ended up at the short placement and left 40+ feet to the basket.  I underestimated the need for a good roller.  I say good roller because I also saw errant rollers causing damage on the score card.  If a player had confidence and accuracy in their roller, they could shave 3 or more strokes off of their score.
    After one round of play, I felt calm, collected and ready to improve with a new set of tees and what looked like the pins being moved to shorter positions.  All this was twisted by a rumor that we would be playing round two as a doubles round.  This was not met with enthusiasm but the decision was based on hours of light in the day.  Round one would be payed out based on one score and round two doubles would have a separate payout.  Teams were chosen based on round one performance.   The lowest scoring A-pool would be teamed up with the highest scoring B-pool.  I have never played in a tourney like this, but it was fun.  If you watched my team, you might have had a hard time figuring out who was the A and who was the B.  My partner had a cannon for an arm.  He out drove me on the huge hyzer shots the new set-up allowed for.  Although I would have preferred a second singles round with players who scored the same as me for the first round (I wanted to see what they shot and get some different looks at the course), I really enjoyed the looseness of a doubles afternoon round.  I was allowed to go for strange shots and run putts that made me grind my teeth in the first round. 
    All in all the trip to Lake County was well worth it.  I was inspired to play the course Tom Snyder made famous.  Here's to the "Steady Ed" in June and here's to the MCFC showing up and playing solid disc.
   -Aloha, pau.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Meeting January 18th

Ok folks- time for a meeting- hope all members and folks planning to be members this year can show up and give there 2 cents in regards of what our club wants to do this year.  Topics will be whatever people want to talk about. Definitely including Ft. Bragg/mendo course improvements, new bag tags/art work, ice bowl and special tourneys.
We will meet Friday January 18th, 5pm at the Pizza factory.
Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fort Bragg course improvements

Hi guys,
i sure had fun up north for the holidaze, i got to see some great music, go snowboarding in deep powder, and hang out with family and friends. Now i  am back and moving full steam ahead with the course improvements and ice bowl preparation. I am trying to do both these things at once so i sure could use some help. i would really like to get some if not all of the new tee pads in before the icebowl, which means if you are currently trying to help get sponsorships now is the time to collect $ asap. big news is that the windjammers from Stockton have already sent $$ to sponsor a tee pad, if ya see krash or get a chance to thank them on facebook that would be awesome. i will also be needing help to do all this work so please let me know when u might be available. we will be working out there a lot in the next few weeks to make the course cleaner and better than it has ever been. i will update this post often to let you know about who is sponsoring and when we will be working out there

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 23rd, 2012

There was a big turn out for the last A Course tournament of the year.  Bag Tags were on the line and people were revved up to play.  There were 3 cards and 11 or 12 paid customers. 

Prior to tournament Sir Parkwhether (Matthew) announced that we have money in the club fund, we usually pay membership dues each year, and he posed the question of getting some hot stamped discs for our new membership dues.  JimmerMcJimmerson announced that he is going to order new bag tags.  We should have a meeting sometime in January.  Also, Davey D (with Rye Bread in mind) told folks to pencil in the first leg of the 2013 Coast Cup for the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd at Lake Mendocino. 

Light North/NorthWest Wind = pretty good conditions but it was wet (on the ground) and a little rain in the air at times.  G shot a great round shooting 9 under (7 under his handicap) to take the coveted paper slips (money) while Jake Tupper shot  -8 (6 under his handicap) to seal up 2nd place.  This writer (Davey D) shot the round of the day (12 under) to take home the womb broom (number 1 tag). 

There were many CTP prizes such as:  discs, flags, and rits crackers.  Winners of the CTP prizes were:  Hawk, G, Jeremy, Jim, Tups, and Ian (anybody else?). 

I will take the coveted womb broom to Tucson, Arizona (my sister, brother in law, and nephew live there) and sweep up the desert with it as I teach the desert rats how to play disc golf...mendo style. 

I will see y'all next year (Sunday January 6th to be exact).  Happy Frolfing1

Davey D   

Sunday, December 23, 2012

End of the World- Sunday tourney

Well, the end of the world turned out to be just about as eventful as Y2K- I guess thats a good thing.  Hopefully we can take a break from the world ending for a few years.  One thing that is ending is the year 2012.  This means a lot of things in the disc golf world- new bag tags, new memberships, etc.  I am considering getting a order of hotstamped discs for our 2013 membership package- I would love some input on what the design should be.
  Today is also the final A course round of the month, meaning the last bag tag challenge of the year.  Lets all get out and do this thing. Also, I encourage everyone to get into the christmas spirit and bring a CTP or several to make sure we are all winners today.
Finally, anyone know why our blog is suddenly getting spammed? Can anyone do anything to stop it? I don't really want to buy male enhancement products from peru...
(BTW I learned where the phrase spammed came from if anyone is curious)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fort Bragg Icebowl

the  4th annual Cary Letsinger Memorial Icebowl is scheduled for feb 23 2013. lets do this guys, i think we are starting to get this shit down

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Shot Gun Start? A Tie?

"A pitcher of Racer 5" says someone.  The sound of dice in a cup hitting the table.  "Who is closest to the door"?  "Eight 6s" says "the person closest to the door. 

30 minutes before

"So what your saying is we showed up to tournament and David and Erin took all the money" -ParkWeather
"We can't split the ace pot just because I put in a dollar for you" -Davey D
"Yeah, that is what we are doing" -Erin Hemmings

Approximately 2 1/2 hours before

Conditions:  cold, wet, a little drizzly, southish wind

Participants:  JeremyEpic, UkiahGeorge, Hemulous, ItaliaJim, Parky, Rye Bread, Davey D

Course:  B

Other Info:  Bag Tag Challenge

Cards:  Jeremy, George, and Hemmies tee off first on hole 1.  Davey, Jim, Parky, and Rye tee off 8 minutes later on hole 1. 

Just prior to our tee off we witness Erin skip ace hole 2.  As you may have guessed by clues earlier in this write up, I, Davey D, put in a dollar for Hemmies' ace pot and as some people (those smart and witty) say well, if you ace I get half.  I in fact did say this and Hemmies obliged and gave me half the ace pot...Thanks Hems.  If you are doing the math (and as Rye Bread pointed out) Hemmies was 3 under after 2 holes.  The round was played and we finished in the dark.  The boys went up to Parky's truck to see who won and see what bag tags got switched around.  Unbelievable, everybody left with the same tags they came with.  After tallying the handicaps both Davey D and Hemmies finished 3 under their handicap.  Instead of playing what probably would of turned out to be 100 holes, we decided to split the winnings and take our fine earned money to the clubhouse...Splattys. 

P.S. I enjoy the new Ice Bowl picture on the blog.  By the way is that AJ?  Thanks!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time change for Mendo tourney

Well its that time of year again- the crappy time, when it gets dark early and cold and everybody gets sick and its hard to find time to disc.  Also its the time of year we start the mendo tourney at 2:30.  Keep in mind that the clock changes on Saturday night as well.  What does this all mean? I have no idea, but I would give myself about a 1 in 5 chance of figuring it all out at and getting to tourney on time.
  In other news: Derrick won Sunday A course with a bilstering -10. Whip came in second, and won the coveted towel-clippy-puller-backer-thingy.  I won a CTP and got a lousy $10.  Welcome to the double digit club d-roc, if you weren't a member already!!! (I am to lazy to check right now)
On Thursday- Greg tore some s$%t up at fort bragg and shot a -9, Chris V came in second.
Finally I am happy to report that in a doubles match held yesterday in Mendocino, the doubles course record for B course was broken.  Erin and I shot -15 in defeating Jim and David (who held the old record with Erin).  Yay us!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Last 3 Weeks

9/23/12 = There was a random soccer game at Mendo High so we went to Fort Breezy and played doubles.  Chris V. and Joseph were triumphant. 

9/30/12 = C Course was played and Jubilee shot like 100 under his handicap and won.  I didn't play with him but reports confirm that he played the game of his life and beat notable players like Jake Tupper and Jeremy straight up. 

10/7/12 = Old school A course was played and there were many memorable shots including our second hole (hole 4) were Jimmy ItalyRidge aced it.  No surprise, GelatoRidge shot the best round at 9under but this day also belonged to Wip who tied for his best round at 8 under and won the tournament.  Jody Brody came in second place.  Another shot worth characterizing is hole 15 Bryan "no run up" Brody threw a back hand right at it low and it skipped off one of the rubber mats and hit the basket about 1 foot from being an ace...Cool Shot BRODY! 

I think Manchester is next weekend??  Chris V, is this correct?  I will be out of town so I will not be there.  In 2 weeks NorCal Championships is in Grass and Penn Valley.  Several of the MCFCers will be traveling to this event to show the rest of Northern California how we roll on the Coast.   


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday Tournament

Aloha frolfers and frolfettes,
I am writing today as a form of penance.  It has been much too long since I babbled away on the MCFC blog and I have chosen to dedicate the next few moments of my life as punishment for my lack of attention to the Mendocino Coast Frolf Community.

Dispatch from 9/2/2012 Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course:
-Attendance: 12
-Conditions: Steady NNW wind 10-20 kts. with sporadic gusts.  sunny and warm
-Stakes: Tournament Handicapped Victory; Ace Pot; All-Who-Want-In Bag-Tag Challenge

There are many stories to tell this sunday but as my truck is parked in 2-hour parking outside of the office, I will tell them as briefly as possible.

1) Wip shoots -8 and wins the dough with -10? handicapped.  hell of a round.  It was windier than it looked and was a "men from the boys" sort of a day.  The wind could help if you knew how or it could crush you if you didn't.  Wip did and crushed the field.  Second place went to Tupper.  He only said, "Really, that's not fair" a few times and left enough room to birdie hard at the end and secure second.

2) Jeremy hits the Ace pot.  "Really?  Jeremy?  You can't expect me to believe that Jeremy hit an ace during a disc golf round.  Preposterous.  Oh, right, THAT Jeremy.  He always aces." said the unamed imaginary witness. 

3) Davey D out plays the field for the overall win and the scooping of the #1 tag.  Erin shot an admirable -12 but Davey Deesnuts Steinry nailed down the victory with a -13.  Not too shaby for just a city boy, born and raised somewhere out near Detroit.  Who took the midnight train going A-NY-WHERE. 

Nice Tourney Boys and I look forward to next weeks installment of DiscsOnIce


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

fort bragg course sponsor disc artwork

hi guys
As part of the sponsor program for improving the fort bragg course i was planning on getting some custom discs for all the sponsors. Gateway just offered a deal and i decided to snatch it up so we will be getting 50 custom discs and 50 custom minis, i was hoping we might be able to find/create a original piece of art  for these discs, something that positively recognizes fort bragg and clearly states fort bragg college of the redwoods disc golf course sponsor. I've been having trouble thinking of what that image would be as we don't really have many distinguishing features on the course, so i was thinking outside the box at anything that represented fort bragg like ocean waves, abalone... anything that might be relevant to fort bragg. so im looking for ideas and or artwork, all the usual limitations apply as it is to be hot stamped is need to be a clear image. maybe we could get Erins talented mom to come up with something again?
anywho  what all yall think

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Last 2 Weeks, Today, Dan, and the changing of the guard!

3 Weeks ago = MCFC played the B Course and ParkWeather took the crown. 

2 Weeks ago = C Course was played and I think Jake Tups won but I am not positive. 

Today = Traditional A course was played on a cold, windy, foggy Mendo Coast day.  There were 8 players, 2 cards, and a lot of ace runs including MateoWeather hitting the gym on hole 8 and rolled within feet of doing the rolly mcrollerton shot.  Also, on this hole Rye Bread hit the basket.  2nd place was Rye Bread shooting 9 under (4 under his handi).  1st place goes to  lieutenant/farmer/Boonville Dan shooting 6 under (5 under his handicap). 

Changing of the guard = I would like to congratulate Erin Hemulous Hemmings for keeping the number 1 bag tag for all of 2012 until this day (is this accurate)?  That is quite a stretch!  Going into hole 18 I didn't know my score but I knew I was close to Rye Bread and Hemmies.  After Rye Bread split the up rights and I split the uprights I thought to myself (well, if I beat Hemmies by a stroke and tie Bread I will get the number 1 womb broom tag).  Well, of course Bread hits his birdie and I hit my drop in birdie.  Bread and I tied beating out King Hemmies by 1 stroke but I forgot (Bread soon let me know) that going into the day he had number 4 and I had number 5...shit I thought and said to myself...dam that one stroke. 

Congrats to Dan the Man and Rye Bread!

Davey D

Friday, August 3, 2012

Boontfling Brewery Bash Begets Brilliant Birdies!!!

--BOONVILLE, CA   Intrepid coastal frolfers flocked to the yearly Boontfling disc golf tournament knowing what to expect:  delicious brews, fabulous frolf, killer payouts, and terrific showings from the MCFC!  This reporter only has limited knowledge of the final results, so everyone please fill in the gaps.

~Single-digit-weather and Bread take 7th in Am1, with excellent under-par rounds on the final day, overcoming untold obstacles!
~D-Money leads AM1 for the first two rounds and finishes somewhere around 3rd, 4th, 5th?
~Davey-D improves on his 3rd-place AM1 finish last year with a 5-under final round and 2nd place.
~Dirty Dan-the-Man shoots probably the best Sunday round on the course--9 under!!--and takes the AM1s handily, setting a new standard for how to play on the lead card!  He's already vowed to bump up to the open division next year.  Clearly he has the shots for that course!
~Jason repeats in GrandMasters division, and achieves the incomparable BEER FOR LIFE FOR LIFE!!!!!
~Erin takes third in the Open division, which probably would have been a second if not for a course management issue at the end.  We all eagerly await the day he finally slays the Dallas monster!
~Brady makes an ace for the second year in a row!  Damn dude!  Did everyone PAY that man??
~Other MCFCers, including Wip, Hawk, G, Nate, Brun, Craig, Tup, and others do amazing things that I was not aware of!!!
~Jim has too many balls in the air to relax and enjoy the weekend, and craps bed on course!  Playing partners show patience and unspoken pity!

Thanks to Krash and the AVBC for the killer partay!  May next year come soon... I'm already ready for redemption!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

June 15=C Course Wins and June 22=Tups

Last Sunday June 15, 2012 the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club played C course and noone shot under par.  I forgot who won but many players were disappointed on their play.  Today June 22, 2012 a windy A Course was played and several people shot under par.  Jacob Tups won shooting -4 (7 under his handicap).  Raydin came in second place and generously donated his winnings to the MCFC.  The ace pot which was at $65 was raped and pillaged by Erin Hemulous when he smacked the chains on hole 13.  I didn't see this shot but I heard it was a flick right at it.  FYI-next week the MCFC will take its talents to Boonville to play the Boontfling.  Let's go MCFC...let's kick some Valley Ass! 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

I won, Finally, Tups, A formidably opponent, I suck at dice, Davey Earnhardt Junior, Splattys, Gone For 3 weeks, My Final Horray!

Upon the eve that Dale Earnhardt Junior won in my home state of Michigan...where I first learned how to play disc (umptenth years ago..actually 17) the monkey actually leaped off my back.  Many of the readers didn't know the monkey was hanging around but (check the records) I don't think I have won since the 4 peat in October of 2011.  Anyways, unlike Matt Cain, I didn't do anything special I just played super solid disc golf and made my 20 foot putts except hole 1 when the monkey knocked my putt out.  Anyways, it took a 2 hole playoff where my compadre, Jacob Tupps a lot Tuppir, knocked down a 33 foot putt to push it to a 2nd hole which I parked and Tupps parred.  Anyways, I shit the bed on posting a picture so anyone feel free to change the pic.  P.S. Max Sherzer struck out 12! 

Fellows, I am out!  I will see y'all July 11thish!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last 2 Weeks, G, Tups, and Matt Cain!

Sunday June 3, 2012 witnessed the MCFC play C course and G Money Smooth Skin take home the golden cookie shooting something under his handicap (???).  Sunday June 10, 2012 Traditional A course was played and Jake Jacob Tupper Tups shot 3 down which is something like 10 under his handicap.  BagsWeathers came in 2nd place.   In related news San Francisco Giant Matt Cain (Erin Hemming's doppelganger) pitched a perfect game...the 2nd of the year, the 22nd in MLB history and the 1st in Giant's history.  This story leads me to the question of the week:  Is Erin Hemmings and Matt Cain the same person?  Have you ever seen Matt Cain and Erin Hemmings in the same room?  I haven't.  Maybe Bruce Wayne is to Batman what Erin Hemmings is to Matt Cain.  Curious minds want to know.  I can't wait for Boontfling!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting held, scores updated

The club held a meeting last night.  We ate pizza, drank beer, gave money to my kids and talked about disc golf.   I will write up a summary soon.  Also I updated B course handi's and the who scored what page.  Chris- I fixed your score.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick update-

Hey y'all - just wanted to give the heads up that there will be a club meeting this thursday 5:30 at the pizza factory.  We can talk about whatever, but I think the main topix include where to put concrete tee's in FB, whats up with the pro-am, a possible high/low cap to handi's, etc.  This is your chance to have your say in your club.  If you have a strong feeling about something but can't make it, tell someone who can.
In other news, last week Erin won tuesday pm doubles playing by himself.  Alex V won sunday C course tourney shooting 4 under his handi.  Derrick and myself tied for 2nd, and Derrick beat me in a playoff.  Doubles tonight at 5:30, FB.  PEACE!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mendo, Buddha Tree, Masters Cup, and Frolfity Frolf Frolf!

Well, where to start?  So, on 4/22/12 C course was played and Craig Mack took the title shooting 80 under his handicap.  On 4/29/12 a windy A course was played and Hemmersons won!  The weekend of Cinco de Mayo some frolfers went to Lake County, some went to Masters Cup in Santa Cruz, and some went to Humboldt County to play the Buddha Tree.  It so happens that this writer went to Buddha Tree and had an awesome time and there was actual some good competition.  Dallas, Jerry Eshelman, Erin Hemmings, Jesse Williams, and the course designer (among many others) played Open/Pro and our very own Hemmersons took 9th place putting him in the money winning $55.  Dallas and Jesse Williams tied for 1st and Jesse won in a playoff.  Am-1 was flooded with talent including Mendonesians/Fort Braggarts:  Davey D, ParkWeather, J-Ridge, Rye Bread, and many other Humboldt cats.  I am proud to say I outlasted the wind, sun, and 2 27 hole/7 hour rounds to represent the MCFC and take 2nd place.  It took a 3 hole playoff against an 18 year old cat from Humboldt but Davey (with the support of Sir Spartacus and Senior Rye Bread following me along) prevailed and I won $107.50 in script.  Besides the frolf it was an awesome time filled with drink, cheer, dice, shotgunning beers(or ramming if your from Humboldt County), pinata blasting, getting fed for free, and dancing to "The Rammanators" (a local band).  I believe in our own local tournament B course was played and Vinny came out on top.  There ya have it.  Happy Frolfing!


Friday, April 20, 2012

The last two weeks....

Doggy Style

Well, despite the dearth of information on our blogs (which apparently 9 people look at ((according to the blog stats)) meaning about one third of our club) Things have happened in the last two weeks!  Perhaps it has been the absence of some of our regulars, such as David "desert rat" D, Jim "city slicker" Eldridge or Erin "Hucking shit in Vegas" Hemulous.  Or the inevitable let down after the club expended so much energy in so little time.  Or the sudden break out of seasonable weather, but for whatever reason no one has sat down and wasted valuable hours of rest to trying to tell everyone (or 1/3 of everyone) what they already  know in a witty and humorous way.  Yes Derrick won the coast cup, which was rad, and deserves its own write up, which I am sure Jim, my literate and nimble prose producing partner can expound on.  I did not win, and neither did you unless your name is Hawk or Erin.  Lets just say it was pretty much the best thing ever, and the APE course is highly regarded. (some whispers indicate that the club might like to play the ape course EXCLUSIVELY in mendo, assuming we can stay ahead of the vandals).  Speaking of which, the vandals have been trashing the high school (in general) and Mendo course (specifically) about once a week.  What the Fuck???
   In other club news, 7 bewildered souls showed up the Sunday after the APE and played A course.   Jeremy (who BTW hasn't thrown an ace in at least the last 72 far as I know...) won,  Greg (shooting the best score of -6 ) tied with Nate dog,  they had a playoff for 2nd- and I have no idea who won, cause I went home.   This Sunday was B course and Nate Dizzle "who let us use his shit when he wasn't even there and we left chairs in the middle of his showroom and the heater on" Dog beat the shit out of any disc golfer who bothered to show with a -8 below handi!!!  Jeremy and Juballe tied for 2nd, and Rayden was 3rd.  Funny thing was, they had all gone home, so we put the $10 in the ace pot.  Which brings up the subject of, well, what do we do when all the second and third place winners leave before the tourney is over?  some other questions-  Should we keep doing 3 different course in Mendo? and, Can we get an evening tourney in Fort Bragg so more club members can come?  As far as I know, Fort Bragg has 2 pm dubs on Tuesday and 2:30 pm singles on Thursday.  How about an evening or Saturday round?  Just a thought.
   Also, In this weeks Dubs from Ft Bragg,   Greg and Jeremy took down  Chris and Jesse and Dan and Matthew in a close and hotly contested doubles round.  I believe all groups were tied at -7 after 11 holes, but G and the Germ pulled away on the last few holes for the victory.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012


With gallant glory and a steady stroke (he he he) the one they call Chenzy played a brave round on Sunday the 25th day of March in the year of 2012. Vin shot an even round on the B course which is nothing to shake a disc at. I beleive he shot 6 under his handicap. Below is a short recap of the after round interview:

Reporter: "So Chenzo, what are you going to spend your winnings on?"
Chenzo: Chenzo is doing the robot dance and singing an 80s ballad mash up.
Reporter: "Excuse me Mr. Koski, what are you going to do wtih your winnings?"
Chenzo: His robot dance becomes more feverish.
Reporter: "I don't have time for this nonesense I am out of here"
Chenzo: Vinny chases the reporter towards the parking lot, while still doing the robot dance while his 80s ballad mash up turns into "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

While the other frolfers watch on in amazment Vinny's last words (as he is still chasing the reporter in the distance) "May March 25th now be considered Vince Koski day from here to eternity..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha".

2nd Place=EmmersonMcJimmerson (-2...3 under his handicap...I think)
Best Round of Day=Hemmies (-8...1 under his handicap)